On Devina Dediva and Megan Young

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We all know that Megan Young is the new Miss World. This is the first time that the Philippines had a Miss World winner so it’s a big deal for us. The social media was filled with posts of congratulations and happiness to Megan Young. However, a person can never please everyone. There are always some people who would find something bad from it.

Devina Dediva is a normal person who is also part of the social media. One thing about the social media is that it can easily spread anything you post on it. On Devina’s case, what she posted insulted thousands of Filipinos everywhere.

The photo above shows like the summary of the ‘racist’ comments that Devina has posted on her Facebook. It was quite defaming actually. When I read that, I was quite insulted because of how she put the Filipinos done.

Knowing the Filipinos, they will never let anyone put them down. So here comes the Filipino Netizen soldiers that started bashing Devina. Even if I didn’t see any hate messages that was sent to her, I’m pretty sure they are really hurtful and over the line. Some Filipinos are false patriot that they become hypocrite. They would send hate messages such as, “Your race is way lower than ours so you better not say that” or “You’re as smelly as a pig”. I think Devina Dediva is Indian so this kind of just justified the sample hate messages.

Well first of all, I’m not putting down the Indians okay? I’m just saying that a lot of Filipinos might be thinking of sending these kind of messages to her. Let’s not do this. Devina Dediva just posted whatever is on her mind. Is that wrong? NO. But what she posted is wrong and insulting. But is that enough to send her stupid hate messages? Freaking no..

Grow up people. Sending her any hate messages or threatening her won’t do anyone good. Does Megan Young shows in public that she gives a damn? No. People are sending her hate messages because their ego and their pride was put down. Think like a mature person would. She apologized, let’s accept it. It’s not like she killed a person or something. Go hate on those freaking thieves (CORRUPT POLITICIANS) and bash them to no end. Or is it because these freaking thieves can do anything to you and Devina can’t?

Move on.

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