Month: November 2013

Wayback Wednesday: Childhood Shows

HIRAYA MANAWARI Hiraya Manawari focuses on stories for children. I don’t really remember much of their stories but this became part of my morning addiction in TV. SINESKWELA Tell me, who’s that 90’s Filipino child that doesn’t know what Sineskwela was? Sineskwela was very popular before. It focused on Science and Health. I actually learned

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Way Back Wednesday: High School Movie Making Project

Director : Shaira Amerl Sales Writers: Jonel Juaneza , Sundae Mae Indino Camerawoman : Sundae Mae Indino Starring : Suhaimen Lomondot Kaycynt Joyce Lucagbo Cast: Kerstan Hillario, Christna Banuag, JJ Fabiana, Roland Gironella, TJ Uy, Jon Pelino This is one of the most memorable projects that I’ve made in high school (and maybe the most

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