Way Back Wednesday: High School Movie Making Project

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Director : Shaira Amerl Sales
Writers: Jonel Juaneza , Sundae Mae Indino
Camerawoman : Sundae Mae Indino
Starring : Suhaimen Lomondot
Kaycynt Joyce Lucagbo
Cast: Kerstan Hillario, Christna Banuag, JJ Fabiana, Roland Gironella, TJ Uy, Jon Pelino

This is one of the most memorable projects that I’ve made in high school (and maybe the most stressful).

This movie making project was a collaboration between the Filipino and Computer department. Kailangan talaga nito eh collaboration and participation ng group. May 11 members sa group namin tapos four groups per section. Medyo marami pero na-hati naman. Of course, ako yung naging director. Saya no?

When we started filming the scenes, we didn’t know how to do it. We just shoot and shoot. We made the script, edited it, submitted it to the teacher then shoot again. We didn’t have much time to shoot because we were all busy and many of our groupmates have their own personal reasons to go home early and not show-up on shooting days (or times). There were lots of moments where I lost my patience and just shouted at the “actors” because of their unreasonable alibis. Diba? Kainis kung aalis tapos hindi okay yung alibi nila. Tapos damay pa yung whole group. Wth?

So after maybe two months (?) of “shooting” and “editing”, we finally had a project! It’s a short movie, 30 minutes long, about a love between  two Muslims where the girl is already betrothed to another guy. It was a cliche story but whatever, we just wanted to pass the subject. We didn’t know what happened but our film was actually considered for showing at the SM Mall Theaters for the final showing night! Awesome!

Of course, good news. I was so excited when I heard this pero nag-alangan din ako. Kasi nga diba, ang hirap mag-shoot. Tapos sinabi ng teacher ko na  kailangan naming mag-reshoot ng ibang scenes and mag-add pa. Medyo nakulangan ang excitement ko nun. So I told my teacher na tatanungin ko nalang muna yung groupmates ko. Intrams nun tapos ang saya nila nung sabihin ko na na-consider kami. Pero when I told them na kailangang mag-reshoot, yun na, unanimous ang decision na hindi na kami mag-rereshoot. Pagod na kaming lahat.

So ayun, ang saya lang. May short film kaming nagawa kahit isa lang. Ngayon ko lang na-realize na nakapag-direk pala ako ng isang movie kahit na mga classmates ko lang mga nakakita. Kahit na diba? :)


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