Wayback Wednesday: Childhood Shows

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Hiraya Manawari focuses on stories for children. I don’t really remember much of their stories but this became part of my morning addiction in TV.


Tell me, who’s that 90’s Filipino child that doesn’t know what Sineskwela was? Sineskwela was very popular before. It focused on Science and Health. I actually learned a lot of things from this. I can also not forget the flying jeepney, that was one of the highlights for me. They actually tried to revive Sineskwela but I guess it did.n’t become as popular as it was years ago.


Bayani focused on the Philippine History. This is actually one of the main factors why I got interested with history. I love how they reenacted the Philippine history and made the heroes alive. The one story that I can’t forget is the story of Melchora Aquino.


Obviously, this one was focused on Mathematics. Because of this show, I learned how to divide.


Epo Apol is focused on English. This is my second favorite educational show (the first is Bayani). That’s because the way they speak is so cute and because I’ve been taught that learning English as early as kindergarten is needed. And why won’t you love that magic door? It’s like the cuter version of Narnia. And the puppets! <3


This was shown in GMA every Saturday and Sunday. It was my uncle and my dad who influenced me to be a big fan of this. Goku is so cute but I will never replace Vegeta as my first anime crush.

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