To My Future Child

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Dear child,

I don’t know when I will meet you. Maybe in 5, 10 years? Who knows right? But Ill surely meet you when I’m ready to have a child.

Child, I promise you that you will never grow up with money problems. Nope, I am not going to spoil you but I’m gonna provide you with anything that you need. You can eat three times and a day and have pretty things for a few days of the year. I will let you have one special gift each year that you will surely treasure. I will teach you the value of money so that you’ll learn to save at a young age.

You will have a complete family. A mom, dad, you and maybe siblings and if you want a pet, I will willingly adopt one. You will feel the love of your family in everyday of your life. I will let you meet our other relatives so you will know more family members and won’t feel isolated. You’ll grow up seeing your mom and dad love each other. If we fight, I promise not to do it in front of you. If mom and dad fight, it’s not your fault. It never is.

You will have a great education. From elementary to college, I would strive hard for your to be able to enrol in the best schools. I will never pressure you to be on top of your class. All I’m asking is a passing grade and the assurance that you understood whatever you’re learning. You can always show me your grades even if some of it are failing grades. I know the feeling of having a failing grade. Of course I would ask you failed but after that, let’s have ice cream. It always makes you feel better afterwards.

What do you want when you grow up? Doctor? Engineer? You can tell me anything. I will support you in every step of the way. I will not dictate you in what course you would have to take. I don’t want to ruin your life because of my selfishness. Whatever you take in college could dictate your future and I want you to make your own future. I want you to be happy and fulfilled. Pursue what you want. If you want to travel then go. Just don’t forget to call me when you arrive at that place.

When you wake up in the morning, there would already be food on the table. What will your favorite be? I will definitely try to practice making some breakfast so that when you’re born, I already know how to make them. Will you want pancakes? I’m pretty good at that and I will cook that for you if you want. Or will you want rice? That will be good right? You’ll have lots of energy to play. And I will cook eggs for you and maybe introduce you to Bitter Gourd. And when you go to school, you will already have your lunch ready. I guess I would pack rice and viand for you. Just tell me if you don’t like it.

Will you be participating in competitions? Yay. I will surely support you. I will be your stage mom. I will be there with the crowd. If you’re feeling nervous, just look at me and feel calm. Enjoy whatever you’re doing. Win or lose, you’ll still get a reward from me.

If you get nightmares in the evening, don’t be afraid to go to our room. You will always have a space beside me. You can tell me all your nightmares so that you’ll forget about them. When you wake up, you will always get a morning kiss from me. I will be there to send you off the school. When you come home from school, you can just shout “Mom! I’m home” and you’ll surely find me waiting for you maybe in the living room or kitchen. You will always feel excited to go home because I’m there and there will always be snacks waiting for you.

My child, you will have a wonderful childhood. You will never feel lonely. You will have a complete family. I will do my best (and your dad) to raise you up the best way we can. So as early as now, I will start building the life I want you to have. I will work hard for you be able to live comfortably. I love you. I wouldn’t let you grow up the way I did.

I Love You,

Your (Future) Mom

p/s: Since you’re not yet born, think already of what you want to be okay? Let’s save for that early ^_^ And please watch over me and you (future) dad, whoever he is. <3

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