On Working as a Care Aide and Saying Goodbye to Nursing

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For two years, I took up Nursing. I knew the theories and the basic Nursing stuff. I had the different immunizations and experienced being a student nurse for a short time. I experienced taking care of people, giving the medications, take their vitals signs and all those stuffs student nurses do. However, these two years of my Nursing education were overshadowed by my two days of experience as a care aide.

Last Monday and Tuesday, I had my orientation as a care aide. It wasn’t just a mere sit-down orientation, it was a hands-on orientation. I followed a care aide as he/she takes care of people and also helps here in one way or another. Before I went in for my orientation, what I imagined that I would do was kind of the same thing as I would when I was an SN. However, what I did when I was an SN was mere child’s play. This was reality.

On my first day of orientation, it wasn’t easy but bearable.We helped older people with whatever they need. Prepped them for dinner and bed. Changed their clothes and bed sheets and all those necessary stuff. It was actually something that I could do except that you have to do these things to more than five old people, six times a week. Of course, you have someone with you for some of them but most of the time, you’re on your own.

On my second day, it was pretty tough for me. Most of the clients were males and heavy. They have this moving equipment that you can use so you don’t have to carry them from the bed to the washroom. During the whole shift, I realized that this is something that I don’t wanna do for the whole of my life. I’m not happy and not contented. I wanted to be anywhere except on that place.

Now, here I am blogging about this. I’m not saying that spending two years of my life in Nursing school was pointless. It was actually rewarding because I knew basic stuffs about first aide and taking care of people. However, Nursing is not for everyone… especially not for me. I don’t regret my decision of quitting that job after two days. Why should I?

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