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On New Year’s Resolutions and Why I Didn’t Make One

The title says it all. I used to have New Year’s Resolution. These are the things that makes me think that I have full control of the year ahead and that I can do whatever I want in my own time. I can’t remember any resolution that I have kept before. Let it be about…


On My New Year’s Eve and New Year

This is the first time that I ever celebrated New Year outside of my country. This is my first time celebrating New Year here in Canada. Let me tell you, it’s really different. I grew up looking forward to New Year because of all the noises and the firecrackers and the celebration that the people…


New Year, New Experiences, New Sh*ts

It’s already 2014, the year of the Wooden Horse. According to feng shui, I will be kinda lucky, kinda unlucky. Basically, it’s a neutral year for me. This year, I will be having two jobs, two retail jobs. If anything good happens, I would hope that I get a full time job. The benefits are…