New Year, New Experiences, New Sh*ts

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It’s already 2014, the year of the Wooden Horse. According to feng shui, I will be kinda lucky, kinda unlucky. Basically, it’s a neutral year for me.

This year, I will be having two jobs, two retail jobs. If anything good happens, I would hope that I get a full time job. The benefits are a definite must for me right now. Therefore, with these two jobs, I shouldn’t be lazy. This is something that is quite difficult for me because I do procrastinate and tend to overly attach myself with my phone and internet. I know I won’t be able to get rid of this habit but I’ll try (TRY) to be less lazier this year.

I have this habit of staring at people when I’m spacing out. It’s kinda weird actually and creepy to that other person. I tend to do that at work and it just annoys me as much as it creeps (maybe) them. This is something that I wanna change. It’s something that I don’t wanna carry on because it’s troublesome. But helloooo, what better things can you do when spacing out?

This year would be a busy year for me. If everything goes well, I would be able to enroll in college for upgrading. I have two jobs and maybe keep just one of them (OH NO!).

I have lots of plans for this year but unlike last year, I won’t be posting them in my blog. The reason is that when I get to post it, I tend to just forget it and move on. Weird. Whatever.


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