On New Year’s Resolutions and Why I Didn’t Make One

The title says it all. I used to have New Year’s Resolution. These are the things that makes me think that I have full control of the year ahead and that I can do whatever I want in my own time.

I can’t remember any resolution that I have kept before. Let it be about habits, goals or anything peculiar about my life. I usually fall of my list during the first month, try to pick it up again in the middle of the year and sometime before the end of the year, I forget to do whatever it is on my list. And I usually don’t care. That’s why this year, I decided to not have this resolution sh*t.

Reason 1: It’s too annoying

I’m the kind of person who plans her life but in the end doesn’t get what I want. That’s kind of annoying actually cause it just breaks the harmony and flow that I want my life to have. I tend to just go with the flow. I live everyday thinking that there is always tomorrow so I have to live today. When you have a list of sort, it makes you think in months instead of days. Get my logic? No. Idc.

Reason 2: I don’t follow it.

I write it, do it the first month, forget about it.

Reason 3: There’s no such thing as New Year’s resolution.

I don’t get it actually. They say that New Year’s resolution is made by the person to become better person for the next year or to be able to achieve something or whatever. The thing is, you can do whatever you want NOW. If you can’t do it NOW, why would writing it as a New Year’s resolution make a difference?

And because I tend to forget whatever my resolutions are, I don’t even know what my resolution was last year. Oh well.



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