On Canadian Stereotypes

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I’ve been living here in Canada for over a year now. I’ve also worked as a cashier for about 8-9 months now so I can say that I have experience when it comes to dealing with a lot of people. I was bored in Google so I decided to search the common Canadian stereotypes and my opinion about it. 

(This list is from http://www.thetoptens.com/canadian-stereotypes/)

1. EH?

Probably the most common of all Canadian stereotypes. And it’s not on top of the list for nothing ’cause 98% of all the Canadians that I talk with adds this on their sentence. Whether as a way of asking or just to add emphasis on what they’re talking about, these people love their “Eh”. 

2. Everyone’s extremely polite. 

Yeah, a bit maybe. A lot of times when I bump into someone (and my fault), I say sorry and the other person says sorry too. When even just something that you shouldn’t be sorry about, you still say sorry. Yes, that’s how polite a LOT of people are. But seriously, there’s no perfect country with perfect people. There are also a LOT of rude people here. You can just never get rid of them. 

3. It’s cold. 

I live in Northern Alberta. The place where temperature during winter can go down as low as -40 degree Celcius. Yes, it’s cold. But since it’s currently summer, the temperature that we had this morning was 31 degree Celsius. So nope. Canada is not always cold. 

4. All that’s watched is Hockey.

During the Winter Olympics, a lot of people actually can’t stop talking about hockey. They actually had to change the curfew (or I think move it, either way it happened in my place) in bars so that people can drink and cheer for the Canadian team. Yep, that’s how dedicated they are to hockey. But some people just don’t care. 

5. They say a-boot, not about.

They DON’T say “a-boot”. They say “a-boat”. 

6. They all drink Tim Hortons. 

Uh. Tim Hortons is actually one, if not the most popular, place to get coffee and easy breakfast foods. And Timbits. Definitely timbits. Can someone please tell me if there’s no Canadian who haven’t tired Tim Hortons coffee?

7. All they eat is Kraft Dinner. 

Since I work in grocery store, I see a lot of these Kraft Dinners being bought. Be it in a box or in the microwaveable cup, a lot of Canadians love Kraft Dinner. It’s easy to make and cheap, too. (I tried it before, didn’t like the flavor that I got.) I think a Canadian gets to try Kraft Dinner atleast once in their lifetime. 

8. It’s winter all year round.

Hell no. Today’s temperature is pretty much the same as the Philippines.

9. We wear toques all year.

I love toques during winter but not for the whole year. TOQUE DURING SUMMER? Are you kidding me?

10. All men sit down and watch hockey all night.

Huh. There it is again, the Hockey stereotype. I think there’s truth in this statement especially during those big moments in Hockey (Stanley Cup Playoffs). 

So there it is, a non-Canadian’s view on Canadian stereotypes. 


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