[Series Glance] Legendary Witches

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Legendary Witches is an ongoing drama in MBS. SPOILERS AHEAD up until Episode 19. 

I was just looking for good series to watch in Viki when I came upon this series. I was looking for a medical or period drama and this wasn’t what I expected to get hooked up on. I never saw the trailer nor heard this title. This could be one of those unpopular Korean dramas locally but is gaining attention internationally. Currently, there are 20 episodes in Viki.

The story starts off with Moon Soo-In (Han Ji-Hye) losing her husband, a son of a chaebol. Their marriage was never approved by the father because she’s an orphan and poor whereas her mother-in-law (who has alzheimers) loves her dearly. She was planning to leave the house but then the father decided to hand over the company to her. However, it was a plan all along of the father-in-law to destroy her and frame her for some crimes about the company which led her being thrown to jail. She’s also about to have a second chance in love with (if she accepts him) Nam Woo Seok (Ha Seok Jin).

Shim Bok Nyeo (Go Doo-Shim) is the mother figure of the four. She was falsely accused of killing her husband and son (Jin Woo). It is known that her husband and Ma Tae San (father-in-law) were once business partners in bakery. She’s about to have a second chance in love with her friend Park Yi Moon (yes, I ship them so much).

Son Poong Geum (Oh Hyun Kyung), a con artist, is the prettiest of the four (she implied this ^_^). She has conned Bok Nyeo once which led to Bok Nyeo being sent to the hospital. She has a love/hate relationship with Tak Wol Han (Lee Jong Won), the driver for the Ma family.

The youngest is Seo Mi Oh (Ha Yeon-Soo) a.k.a. Gwang Taeng omma, a former model and ex-girlfriend of Ma Do Jin. She got pregnant with Do Jin’s son and had plans to abort him. However, on the day that she was supposed to get rid of the baby, she experienced morning sickness and backed out. She was sent to the jail for threatening the life of Ma Do Jin. Do Jin’s mom made her sign a paper that said that she went abroad and aborted the child and made Do Jin believe this.

The story is very interesting considering that their stories are very connected with each other. They all met in the prison and learned how to bake their (except for Mi Oh). They then lived together in one house (except for Poong Geum who lives in a study house) and lived like a family. Joined a baking competition, won, bought a truck and started a bakery truck business. However, the first-born Ma, Ma Joo Ran, who hates Soo In decided to sabotage everything and hired men to take the truck away. In debt, Soo In and the family goes to the grandma they met in prison and won lotto for help. She said that she’ll just say yes and help them if Bok Nyeo apologizes to her. (Bad summary, I know).

Over-all, the story is going pretty good. Though it’s going pretty slow right now, I suppose we’ll have much more actions in upcoming episodes considering that everyone’s hating on someone right now. I also have theories like Woo Seok is Bok Nyeo’s missing son, Jin Woo. It’s  kinda obvious in a way but hey, there could be a plot twist.

Do Jin is is revealed to be not the Ma’s patriarch’s son. He is also very much in love and Mi Oh but is engaged (unwillingly) to someone else. He also finally met his son and his son apparently liked him already! (I ship Mi Oh and Do Jin more than Soo In and Woo Seok).

I want to write more stuff her but the series is far from done and I don’t wanna ruin the fun just yet. If you haven’t watched the series yet, go ahead. Reading this didn’t exactly ruin it for you because the in-between details and drama is fun to watch.

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