Month: April 2015

Philippine High School vs Canadian High School Upgrading

Before anything else, let me just say that I’m neither a teacher nor an expert in the education system of both countries. I am a student and this is obviously from my point of view.  To make things easier, courses (subjects) that I’ve taken in the Philippines will be written as “high school [course]”, for

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Why Kang Gary is DAEBAK~~

I’ve been watching random episodes of Running Man for a few weeks now. The first episode that I watched was the Episode 84 (Big Bang vs. Running Man) then Episode 85 (Big Bang vs. Running man 2). After these two episodes, I already lost count of how many episodes I’ve already watched. I watch it

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My Questions for the Running Man Cast and Crew

*questions are added everytime I’m curious about something* How many glasses did Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin break? What’s the total number of the caps/hat worn on the show? What was the most serious injury did any of the members have? (aside from Kim Jong Kook’s existing back problems) Can we have a

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