Korean Words I’ve Picked Up from K-Dramas and K-Songs

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I’ve watched Korean Dramas and listened to the K-pop since I was in high school. Years later, I still do. Since I’ve done it for such a long time, I’m bound to pick-up some random Korean words. It actually surprises me when I use it in daily conversations.

  • Daebak (awesome) – I use this a lot when I watch variety shows and something amazing happens. I don’t use this much in daily convos though but I use it when I talk to myself.
  • Jinja/chincha (really?!) – this one I use almost everyday especially if I’m spacing out and uninterested in whatever someone’s telling me.
  • Jeongmal/cheongmal (really) – this is the really inreally like you. I use this a lot when I watch Korean shows and just unconsciously say it. Sometimes when I’m frustrated, I also say it. It’s a very versatile word ^_^
  • Aish~ – it’s an expression that you say especially when you’re frustrated. I use this a lot that it became natural to me. (though I much more use “Ayyyyyyyy” *Filipino*)
  • Yeppuda (beautiful/pretty) – I say it when I say something pretty or cute (more like Kyeopta).
  • Andwae~ (no way) – I picked this up recently because of Lee Kwang Soo. He always says it that I actually start saying this everytime I see something bad happening in Running Man.

I know a lot of non-Koreans fans like me who are using “Yah!” in their vocabulary. I never picked this up though. We have a way of calling which is “Hoy!” or “Oy!” which is easier and faster for me to pronounce. (I’m lazy that way)

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