Why Kang Gary is DAEBAK~~

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I’ve been watching random episodes of Running Man for a few weeks now. The first episode that I watched was the Episode 84 (Big Bang vs. Running Man) then Episode 85 (Big Bang vs. Running man 2). After these two episodes, I already lost count of how many episodes I’ve already watched. I watch it at home or at school. Whenever I watch it at school, I can’t help but laugh at all the antics that the members and guests are doing. My friend told me once that she likes looking at me while watching an episode because I look so happy.

Out of all the 7 members, it’s Kang Gary that I always look forward to watch. Everytime I look at the comments, there would always be comments about Kang Gary being awesome and badass. As I watch more and more episode, I realize that I want to meet someone like Kang Gary.


Dude’s got 8-degree belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido, graduated in bodyguard school and was an AMATEUR BOXER for 10 years! And I still kept on wondering why he doesn’t have a six-pack. Anyways, this guy can easily defeat the members in the nametag tearing (YES INCLUDING KIM JONG GOOK) if he’ll gonna use his skill. But since he’s not allowed to do use any violence, we’ll just let the other members win. Also, Gil (of Leessang) said that Gary has never been in a (probably street)) fight ever since he’s meet him. AND THAT PROBABLY WAS A LONG TIME AGO.

HE’S AN AWESOME RAPPER (and lyricist, musician)

Waaaay before he was known as the “Random Mr. Capable”, Gary is first known as a member of Leessang, a hiphop group. Before I watched Running Man, I already know who Gary was because he’s sometimes appears on Allkpop. However, I never read any of the news related to him because I didn’t listen to their songs. However, as in a lot of RM episodes, they would usually play some Leessang songs and the one that really made me search about their songs is “The Girl Who Can’t Break Up and the Boy Who Can’t Leave” (Leesang ft. Jung In). The first time I heard it, I fell inlove with the song as well as Gary’s rapping and Gil’s husky voice. Gary sounded like he was feeling the rap and was full of emotions. DAE~BAK~


Aside from being the “Random Mr. Capable”, Gary is also the other half of the Monday Couple (alongside Song Ji Hyo). I’m always amazed by how fast Gary can think of cheesy and sweet things to say to Ji Hyo. This leads to a point where people are often wondering on whether or not they were real. BUT JINJA! DATE ALREADY! Anyway, it’s his fast wit and perfect timing when it comes to flirting that made the Monday Couple possible in the first place.

Since Gary is also a lyricist, it’s already a given that he’s pretty damn fast in spurting out cheesy words. However, he’s not much of a talker whenever they’re all together standing and sometimes even overshadowed by Haha.


He won the first and second Best of the Best match on which he won a trip to Europe on his second win. Even though he’s considered as the “Random Mr. Capable”, he\s actually very capable of doing things especially by himself. He has a simple way of approaching things which in turn becomes advantageous to him. He thinks and decides fast, add to that his speed and strength, he is certainly worthy of his titles.



In Korea, Gary can be considered “ugly”. You’ll often hear it from the members themselves, from him and some other guests. The standard for handsomeness in Korea are the k-pop idols and “flower boy” actors as well as some actors such as Kim Won Bin. Gary has a “typical” South Korean male-face and that makes him a subject to teasing when it comes to physical appearance. However, GARY IS CHARMING. Yes, I’m saying this again, HE IS CHARMING. The way he raps, so awesome and the way he talks, so manly. Everytime he carries out a mission and starts to get serious, I can’t help but squeal so damn hard. He may not have the best face (nor the nicest body) but dude got the personality and the charm.

If by chance Kang Gary can read this, DO YOUR BEST IN ALL OF YOUR MISSIONS! and please tell Yoo Jae Suk hi ^_^

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