Not Being Listened To

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I’m the kind of person that would listen whatever you would tell me. You could tell me you whole life story and I would barely say shit. I would react at different times but would let you say your thing. I like teas so I guess that’s why I like listening to other people’s stories. But I guess things are different when I’m the one talking.

Just yesterday, I was telling some of my co-workers some stuff when I got interrupted and never got to finish my story. That actually broke me and I just stopped my to-be narrative and just listened to the other person’s story. This happens quite often and it does keep me wondering a lot of times. Am I not interesting enough? Am I a bad story teller? Should I just not share anything?

This is the reason why I tend to keep quiet during social gatherings. My words usually gets drowned out by other people until I stop talking to just listen to them. No one listens to me anyways so why waste my precious voice? There will be times when I speak up then suddenly a more vocal person talks and everyone’s attention goes to them. It does give a blow to my ego and haunts me at times.

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