Bird Box? Mental Health?

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After being hyped up through memes and reading the plot on Wikipedia, I had finally watched the movie Bird Box. It’s a good movie, but not a very scary one like a lot of people had said about it. I enjoy a good suspense/thriller movie and this was definitely it. I liked the pace of the movie as it wasn’t boring nor dragged on. The little girl was definitely a piece of gem and I just wanted to hug her when she volunteered as the one who has to look out to the river.

It’s 2018, a lot of people can get offended in the littlest of things and put a lot of different meaning behind things. Bird Box was a great target for people trying to find the deepest meanings behind many things. One article that I’ve read about Bird Box was how it was about mental health and stigmatizing people with mental health problems. When I read that article, I rolled my eyes and had to put down my phone for a bit. I had to step back and remind myself of the different scenes of the movie. Yes, it was gore as there were people killing themselves and each other. Everyone who saw that entity of sort was affected, but in different ways. Some killed themselves, some looked normal but would force those unaffected to open their eyes to see this entity. As a person with effed up mental health, I never thought at some point that the movie was trying to put people with mental health problems as the villains in the story. I didn’t even think of that as I watched it the second time around, a bit after I read the offending article. It was just a movie with an entity that makes people kill themselves.

Netflix’s Bird Box is adapted from a book. Yes, there is a book. And they did change some details (as they do) but I think it’s safe to say that they did keep a lot of the major themes of the book. If these armchair critics would want to definitely say that the movie is stigmatizing mental health, then they better start reading the book. They better point out different scenes in the book where they can say, “Yup, that represents multiple personality disorder” or something. Or better yet, get the author to speak up and ask him if he definitely was trying to represent mental illness/health problems.

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