To Pursue Journalism?

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I was a bright-eyed senior in high school when I asked my parents for money so I can take the entrance exam for the University of the Philippines. It was one of my biggest dreams to take enter the Journalism program in that school. But alas do my parents have other plans for me. They were so intent in me entering Nursing school that they turned blind eyes into what I want. In the end, I watched as some of my batchmates took the exam and was able to attend UP.

I’m currently at crossroads in life. I’m not at the age anymore where I can fool around with my studies and hope for the best. I need to be focused and be sure of what steps I have to take now in order for my future to be set. My heart says “Do a Science degree!” but my logical side pushes me to take the path where I can get work and pay off my debts. I’ve managed to stack up quite a lot of student loan debts but for some reason it doesn’t bother me much. Yes, I have to pay it but I did enjoy going to school and learning all those things that it seemed like money well spent for me.

As I’m looking for some degrees that I could see myself potentially applying to again, I realize that I keep going back to my roots, writing. I’ve read and re-read MacEwan University’s Journalism page and have tried to talk myself out of it. The words “Wala kay makuha nga kwarta ana” (“You won’t earn any money from that”) from my parents keeps on ringing through my head. They were the ones who discouraged me as a high school senior that writing won’t get me anywhere because journalists barely get paid. In a way that could be true but there are a lot of successful journalists out there.

When I was taking an Organic Chem course, we had to write our conclusion and I tend to write long-ass ones. One time, my teacher was reading my conclusion with a bright smile and looked at me. “You should consider being Science writer, this is good”, he said. I was speechless and happy to hear that. It was one of the few times that I got praised for my writing and that was a totally unexpected comment. It stuck with me and never realized that there’s a path where I could connect my love for Science and writing.

As I’m writing this post, I have tabs going on for journalism at different schools. I don’t want to apply in haste but I also don’t want to lose my probably once-in-a-lifetime chance. What to do?

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