On Burning Friendship Bridges

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When I moved to Canada, I remember promises of long distance friendships being whispered to me. I had friends tell me that nothing will change and that we’ll still keep in touch through Facebook and Viber. At that moment, I believed them. I was going to a new place and virtually knew no one so knowing that my friends were just one call or message away was comforting for me.

For a few weeks, I kept in touch with them. Until I was getting cold responses. I understood though that everyone was busy and no one was gonna drop what they were doing just because I called. At this time, my friends were all in school so I just thought they were just stressed about their studies. Then I started seeing posts that were full of their own inside jokes and for the first time, I felt like an outsider. I didn’t know what these meant but I still tried to keep in contact with. I slowly realized though that I was the only one making an effort to keep the contact going. I checked my messages and I was the one that was almost keeping the conversations going and saying hello first. It was an eye-opener for me. This was also the time when my family was breaking apart and I needed someone to listen to me. I had no one.

Last year, when I went home, was when I knew who my friends really were. I was able to hang out with my high school friends and talked about the olden times. We had a great time and I was sad that I wouldn’t know when I’ll see them again. As I grow older, I start to think of what kind of people do I really want to surround myself with. For now, I’m gonna stick with those people that still values me.

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