Spotify: May 2020 Top 5

I always love watching my stats on many things that I do. I had recently looked at my Netflix history and didn’t realize that I had watched that many movies and series since quarantine had started. I got curious if there is a way of knowing what my top 5 songs are on Spotify since I use this app every day and listen to many playlists and songs. And guess what, Spotify made a website where my curiosity is quenched: .

1. Ticky Tocky – Super Junior

I’ve been a ELF for over ten years now and always support Super Junior on their many releases and projects (even paid for the virtual concert). Although 2Yaoyao is a bop, Ticky Tocky just hit differently. I love listening to this song every time I have to prepare for work.

2. Stay Tonight – Chung Ha

This lady does not know how to produce bad songs. I’ve loved her ever since she did her impromptu dance on Produce 101. I remember watching the music video for Stay Tonight and was just in awe the whole time and literally screamed when I realized that she had incorporated voguing for this release. I have watched way too much dance practice, choreography and any videos related to this song. And this is just a pre-release and I cannot wait to see what she have for her official release.

3. Stay With Me – Super Junior

I’ve always loved Super Junior’s B-side songs. They always promise easy listening and I feel like I’m walking on the sidewalk with just my headphones and the sound of traffic behind me. Also, SuJu had produced a dance video for this for their Beyond Live concert and that completed the whole concert for me as this is my favorite song in the whole album.

4. No Drama – Super Junior

Another one from the new album of Super Junior. I love listening to this song close to my bedtime or when I’m prepping for dinner. It such a fun song to listen to.

5. Baga Ka’g Face – Malaya Macaraeg

Yes! This is a Bisaya song that I love so much. It’s an upbeat song that I can’t help but sing to. Every time I hear thing song, I feel like my boyfriend cheated on me and I’m singing this song to him (I don’t even have a boyfriend). It’s a song where the girl knows what she wants and she refuse to be with a guy who is two-timing her.

Author: Shai

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