Filipino Youtubers I Stanned in 2020

2020 was stressful so I binged a lot of light-hearted videos on Youtube. I’ve also discovered a lot of Filipino Youtubers who’ve helped me get through the lockdowns and stress. READ MORE

I’ve been avid followers of a few Youtubers for the past few years but for some reason, I’ve never really been into Filipino Youtubers. I’ve followed mainly the Just Kidding Films crew and art channels like Jazza and SuperRaeDrizzle. I’ve never really got interested in Filipino Youtubers for no good reason at all. The only Filipino Youtube channel I followed was ABS-CBN. Then 2020 happened and my city went into lockdown and I can only binge stuff on Netflix for so much. Youtube came through though and recommended me a bunch of random channels and one of them was Oliver Austria’s “Architect React to Big Brain Workers”. After that, I started getting more recommendations on more Filipino Youtubers to check out.


The one who started them all. As I’ve mentioned, the first video I’ve seen of his was “Architect React to Big Brain Workers”. His channel felt refreshing as he was teaching us things without sounding to nerdy. I actually enjoyed the little snippets of knowledge that he inserts on his commentaries. It doesn’t help that I’m low-key a fan of dad jokes, or sabaw jokes, which he utilizes a lot. I’m not an architecture student nor going to that profession ever but I binged his tips and trick for architecture students which was pretty interesting. He has two accounts, Llyan Austria and Oliver Austria.


Kirby Araullo is a recent find of mine. I’ve always been interested in ancient history and I’m pretty bummed out that Philippines’ pre-colonial history is not very preserved. Kirby Araullo is a great resource for people trying to find some info about Philippines’ history. A note though, he mainly talks about history from Luzon especially Kapampangan-related (I believe he is Kampampangan). I’ve binged a lot of his videos during this Christmas break and a lot of his topics were things that were never talked about in History class!


I’ve been a fan of many art channels and am glad that Genelyn Sandaya was recommended to me by Youtube. She does art product reviews and tutorials. Her charcoal arts are amazing and I binged most of them already and just amazed by the process as well as the finished product. She is very likeable and gives thorough review of the products she’s reviewing.


These are the aunties you wish you have. This channel features three successful lawyers, Atty. Faye, Atty. Vivian and Atty. Camille, who gives us humorous videos about their lawyer-ing lives as well as their daily lives. None of their videos is ever boring to me and I look forward to their banters with each other. Even when they’re only talking virtually, it still does not diminish the humour and chemistry that these three have. I’m not even remotely considering being a lawyer but watching them made me rethink my decisions (still no though).


Of all the channels I’ve mentioned, Digos Good Vibes is the only one that is mainly in Bisaya. This channel features a group of friends where they produce a skit every upload. This channel is literally just good vibes all over. Ever since I moved to Canada, there is not a lot of chance for me to hear Bisaya unless I talk with family (which is not often). Digos Good Vibes gives me that kind of craving of the Bisaya language and there would be some words that they say where I think to myself, “Huh, haven’t heard that in a while”. Their kind of humour jives with me and I’ve enjoyed all of their skits especially Chismosang Silingan.


Slater Young does speak Bisaya as well but he mostly speaks in Tagalog/Filipino and English on his videos. He is an engineer and was a former PBB housemate. His wife, Kryz Uy (also one of the most popular vloggers in the Philippines), and him had built his house which they call the Skypod. I’ve actually learnt about this Skypod through Llyan Austria’s commentary to it and just fell in love with their house (dream house, anyone?). Also, he looks like that one cool uncle who always gives you money every time you see them. As an engineer, his main topics are his house, tools and his online friendship with our fave architecht Llyan Austria (collab please!). Also, check out Kryz Uy’s channel!

Did I miss anyone? I know that Philippines has a lot of Youtubers but these are the main ones that I’ve consistently watched for the past few months. Give me some more recommendations on who to check out next!

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