Super Junior- One More Time (Otra Vez) [MV Reaction]

Super Junior had just released a new music video featuring another non-Korean musician, Reik. This is their third Latin-inspired feature song following Mamacita and the latest Lo Siento (featuring Leslie Grace). This is also Ryeowook’s first music video after his discharge from the military. Currently, 8 of the 11 active Super Junior members can be seen in the music video: Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Ryeowook.

The video teasers that they released prior to the music videos were enough for me to realize that they were already gonna do collaboration with another Spanish musician. I feel like they’re definitely riding in their newly ignited popularity within the Spanish-speaking ELF community. Reading through their comments that I couldn’t understand, I think it’s safe to say that most of them are excited and hyped up with the new music that Super Junior is releasing with another Spanish singer.

When the music video came out, I actually already listened to the song itself on Spotify. I couldn’t stop myself and I had to jam with it. I had to stop myself from watching the music video because this is Ryeowook’s comeback and I have to make it special. Ryeowook has always been one of my fave members because of his variety show guestings. Anyway, I decided to film everything!


If I was just watching it alone, with no camera, I would have just shut up and savour the moment. But I wasn’t, so I had to say my first impressions and random comments.

One of the things that really surprised me about this music video is the appearance of Kim Heechul! I remember seeing a news a while back about him not being able to participate their filming in Macau because his injury had been hurting him. His leg injury is something that most kpop fans know as this is one the reasons why he had to only dance at near end of their songs or not participate at all. In one of the live versions of their hit song Sorry Sorry, he had a drum solo instead of dancing with the group. As he is older now and due to performing, I don’t think his leg has healed as well as it should which prompted him to take a step back from this comeback. But lo and behold, our great princess is in the music video! He did not dance or anything but just seeing his presence in the music video is enough for me.

The dance is not as flashy as most current boy groups. Maybe because they’re of the 2nd gen and definitely older. However, looking back at their previous MVs, they really didn’t have a very flashy dance steps but more on dynamic formations (we’ll leave the jumping around with SHINEe). However, Super Junior had always had that cool, gentlemanly feel to them which really aids them as they dance coolly to this song. They’ve always had the vibe of just chill and energetic at the same time which coincides with the whole feel of the song.

The band Reik is also a great partner to Super Junior. The singer’s voice did not feel foreign in comparison to the members of the group. The way he sounded felt like it really belonged and not something that they forced just to have someone sing the Spanish parts.

The music video is a visual fireworks. Different colours, scenes, dancing, flashing lights. My favourite scenes had to be the ones where they danced with some back up dancers. Because of the back-up dancers, it made me remember the time when there were 13 of them dancing on stage. The scenes looked crowded and it brought warmth to my heart.

Next time though, I’m really hoping that Sungmin could participate. He’s been gone for so long and it’s time for him to make some comeback. A lot of ELFs love him anyway and many would fight for him and his right to be in the spotlight.

One More Time (Otra Vez) by Super Junior is definitely a song that would make you dance and jam to. It’s a Latin music-inspired song that everyone should give a try and listen to.


G-Friend’s Umji Needs a Make-over

I’ve been watching a lot of G-Friend’s videos on Youtube lately. I’ve watched their music videos and some guestings. I’ve been at awe with their performance when they danced Navillera, Me Gustas Tu, Glass Bead and Rough in twice the speed. They’re undeniably one of the top rookie groups so far in all of k-pop.

Of course, stanning a group means reading comments and searching articles about them. So far, they get enough recognition for their outside appearance even though many people claim that they’re not pretty. Um, excuse me but they’re all pretty. Have you looked at Eunha? She looks like a doll! But in every k-pop group, there will always be that one member that many people will always see as the least attractive. Like SNSD’s Hyoyeon or Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (both are on my top bias list by the way), Umji has been getting a lot of heat. Is it her unique face? Or the fact that her hair covers almost half of her face?


Looking at Umji, she doesn’t have the ‘ideal’ Korean face. When compared to the current mold of “pretty” in k-pop, her beauty is not similar to Suzy, Yoona or IU. Eunha or Yerin fits the mold better. Umji’s beauty is more similar ¬†Wonder Girl’s Hyelim, rounder face and slanted yet bigger eyes. It seems that doe-like eyes are the pretty eyes and v-shaped face is the best face shape.


Even though a lot of people say that Umji is ugly, I still don’t see it. All I see is a girl with unique face that I rarely see in k-pop. She has this youthful and innocent appearance. I’ve watched a lot of their fancams and it looks like she’s not too confident. Well, she has to have lots of confidence to go up there and perform but when it’s time to talk or be interviewed, she looks like she’s shrinking away. And that is a bad thing when you’re a rookie because she have to push herself out there, to the limelight.


This episode of Weekly Idol made me kinda cringe with what Umji is wearing. It looks like what a mid-20’s would wear, not a teenager. The top looks weird and her whole outfit just didn’t work well with her body type. I watched one of their performance videos and she does have a good figure. Not that she has to wear tight fitting clothes, it’s that she has to wear something that would definitely suit her. That skirt looks so weird on her and the way her top was tucked in made her upper body looks so much bigger than it already is. I also don’t like Sowon’s jumper. They should have made her worn a jumper shorts instead because it’s just not working well for me. But hey, these ladies still made it good.

But I’m not here to talk about her fashion. I’m sure her stylist is doing a fabulous job of mix and matching her clothes, taking risks and learning from mistakes. All I need for there next comeback or next appearance is for Umji to OPEN HER FACE! Yep, open her face. By that I mean no long, pretty thick bangs and straight hair covering the side of her face. If they want her to have some bangs, maybe a thin sidesweep and pinned hair on the side. In their performances, Umji’s face is very overpowered by her bangs and hair. It’s covering almost half of her face. We want to see her face, her glow. You can see her expression, but that hair style makes her more closed off. It makes her appear less confident and open.

Umji, at this point, needs to step up. Their group is gaining a lot of momentum since their debut. They’re currently one of the hottest rookie groups and all other members are starting to get their place on the spotlight. She needs to speak up more in interviews and be more active.

Umji, I’m rooting for you!