Super Junior- One More Time (Otra Vez) [MV Reaction]

Super Junior had just released a new music video featuring another non-Korean musician, Reik. This is their third Latin-inspired feature song following Mamacita and the latest Lo Siento (featuring Leslie Grace). This is also Ryeowook’s first music video after his discharge from the military. Currently, 8 of the 11 active Super Junior members can be seen in the music video: Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Ryeowook.

The video teasers that they released prior to the music videos were enough for me to realize that they were already gonna do collaboration with another Spanish musician. I feel like they’re definitely riding in their newly ignited popularity within the Spanish-speaking ELF community. Reading through their comments that I couldn’t understand, I think it’s safe to say that most of them are excited and hyped up with the new music that Super Junior is releasing with another Spanish singer.

When the music video came out, I actually already listened to the song itself on Spotify. I couldn’t stop myself and I had to jam with it. I had to stop myself from watching the music video because this is Ryeowook’s comeback and I have to make it special. Ryeowook has always been one of my fave members because of his variety show guestings. Anyway, I decided to film everything!


If I was just watching it alone, with no camera, I would have just shut up and savour the moment. But I wasn’t, so I had to say my first impressions and random comments.

One of the things that really surprised me about this music video is the appearance of Kim Heechul! I remember seeing a news a while back about him not being able to participate their filming in Macau because his injury had been hurting him. His leg injury is something that most kpop fans know as this is one the reasons why he had to only dance at near end of their songs or not participate at all. In one of the live versions of their hit song Sorry Sorry, he had a drum solo instead of dancing with the group. As he is older now and due to performing, I don’t think his leg has healed as well as it should which prompted him to take a step back from this comeback. But lo and behold, our great princess is in the music video! He did not dance or anything but just seeing his presence in the music video is enough for me.

The dance is not as flashy as most current boy groups. Maybe because they’re of the 2nd gen and definitely older. However, looking back at their previous MVs, they really didn’t have a very flashy dance steps but more on dynamic formations (we’ll leave the jumping around with SHINEe). However, Super Junior had always had that cool, gentlemanly feel to them which really aids them as they dance coolly to this song. They’ve always had the vibe of just chill and energetic at the same time which coincides with the whole feel of the song.

The band Reik is also a great partner to Super Junior. The singer’s voice did not feel foreign in comparison to the members of the group. The way he sounded felt like it really belonged and not something that they forced just to have someone sing the Spanish parts.

The music video is a visual fireworks. Different colours, scenes, dancing, flashing lights. My favourite scenes had to be the ones where they danced with some back up dancers. Because of the back-up dancers, it made me remember the time when there were 13 of them dancing on stage. The scenes looked crowded and it brought warmth to my heart.

Next time though, I’m really hoping that Sungmin could participate. He’s been gone for so long and it’s time for him to make some comeback. A lot of ELFs love him anyway and many would fight for him and his right to be in the spotlight.

One More Time (Otra Vez) by Super Junior is definitely a song that would make you dance and jam to. It’s a Latin music-inspired song that everyone should give a try and listen to.


On Watching Ely Buendia On Stage

On Watching Ely Buendia on Stage

One of the best highlights of my 2017 was that I got to watch Ely Buendia play Eraserheads hits onstage. It was probably the first time where I really jammed hard.


He was the lead singer of Eraserheads, one of the bands that I listen to regularly. One of my fave songs for them was Ligaya, which he unfortunately did not sing. The one song that I really sang hard to (and everyone else) was Pare Ko. Everyone just sang along to the song especially the best part: “… diba, TANG INA?!!”


You know that the concert was amazing because at the end of the night, my voice was super hoarse. But it was worth it. I might not have known all of the songs but it was still a concert to remember. ❤️❤️


I Say MAMAMOO, You Say Slay

I’ve been chosen as part of V-Friends Season 3. Yaaaas ❤️❤️ I legit forgot about this after I signed up for it and just remembered it after I got the e-mail that I got in. So for the next few weeks, I’m gonna post more about k-pop as I do the missions that we’re given. For this mission, I have to review an Idol channel. My first choice was Super Junior as they’re my ultimate group. However, they don’t have their own channel and only posts through SMTown’s channel.

My next choice is one of my fave girl group MAMAMOO!!

I first learned of Mamamoo through random Youtube videos that I’ve searched of with G-Friend. They’ve done a show before and I instantly fell in love with their quirkiness. I started listening to their songs and Um Oh Ah Yeh is now part of my top fave K-Songs.

Watching Mamamoo’s videos on V Live is so refreshing. It’s like watching my friends telling me a really cool story on facetime. I’m not there with them but I feel like I’m part of what they’re doing. I’ve always loved their impromptu harmonies and everytime they do it on any videos, I instantly melt. They have such beautiful voices and they all ooze with talent and beagleness.

Also, can we please just appreciate Solar? Look at this beautiful turtle. Her face is already painted weirdly but her smile still looks as pretty.

If there’s a Top 5 most adorable face an idol have made, wouldn’t this face make it?

Look at that adorable pout of Whee In. She was recreating a childhood photo and her face on this is just as much cute as the original one. Actually, if I don’t know any better, I would think that she’s the maknae of the group. But nope, here’s Hwasa, the real maknae, recreating hers.

Can we also please just give Moonbyul a big round of applause just for existing? Like look at face. Our rapper is on fire on stage and a playful character off stage.

If there’s one thing that I especially love about this group is their stage presence. Their photos and stage performances overflow with charisma and confidence. Their debut stage didn’t scream rookies, it screamed talent and success. Watching bts from their concerts kept me at awe on how these four quirky ladies can have such randomn personalities off stage. ❤️❤️ I guess that’s what makes them the beagles that they are.

I really enjoy watching their V-live videos. Their personalities shine through each and every video that gets uploaded. I love the fun energy that they give off and the genuine interaction that they have with each other. These are girls who are real friends on and off camera.

All photos are captured from Mamamoo and SMTown’s V Live channels. 

G-Friend’s Umji Needs a Make-over

I’ve been watching a lot of G-Friend’s videos on Youtube lately. I’ve watched their music videos and some guestings. I’ve been at awe with their performance when they danced Navillera, Me Gustas Tu, Glass Bead and Rough in twice the speed. They’re undeniably one of the top rookie groups so far in all of k-pop.

Of course, stanning a group means reading comments and searching articles about them. So far, they get enough recognition for their outside appearance even though many people claim that they’re not pretty. Um, excuse me but they’re all pretty. Have you looked at Eunha? She looks like a doll! But in every k-pop group, there will always be that one member that many people will always see as the least attractive. Like SNSD’s Hyoyeon or Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (both are on my top bias list by the way), Umji has been getting a lot of heat. Is it her unique face? Or the fact that her hair covers almost half of her face?


Looking at Umji, she doesn’t have the ‘ideal’ Korean face. When compared to the current mold of “pretty” in k-pop, her beauty is not similar to Suzy, Yoona or IU. Eunha or Yerin fits the mold better. Umji’s beauty is more similar  Wonder Girl’s Hyelim, rounder face and slanted yet bigger eyes. It seems that doe-like eyes are the pretty eyes and v-shaped face is the best face shape.


Even though a lot of people say that Umji is ugly, I still don’t see it. All I see is a girl with unique face that I rarely see in k-pop. She has this youthful and innocent appearance. I’ve watched a lot of their fancams and it looks like she’s not too confident. Well, she has to have lots of confidence to go up there and perform but when it’s time to talk or be interviewed, she looks like she’s shrinking away. And that is a bad thing when you’re a rookie because she have to push herself out there, to the limelight.


This episode of Weekly Idol made me kinda cringe with what Umji is wearing. It looks like what a mid-20’s would wear, not a teenager. The top looks weird and her whole outfit just didn’t work well with her body type. I watched one of their performance videos and she does have a good figure. Not that she has to wear tight fitting clothes, it’s that she has to wear something that would definitely suit her. That skirt looks so weird on her and the way her top was tucked in made her upper body looks so much bigger than it already is. I also don’t like Sowon’s jumper. They should have made her worn a jumper shorts instead because it’s just not working well for me. But hey, these ladies still made it good.

But I’m not here to talk about her fashion. I’m sure her stylist is doing a fabulous job of mix and matching her clothes, taking risks and learning from mistakes. All I need for there next comeback or next appearance is for Umji to OPEN HER FACE! Yep, open her face. By that I mean no long, pretty thick bangs and straight hair covering the side of her face. If they want her to have some bangs, maybe a thin sidesweep and pinned hair on the side. In their performances, Umji’s face is very overpowered by her bangs and hair. It’s covering almost half of her face. We want to see her face, her glow. You can see her expression, but that hair style makes her more closed off. It makes her appear less confident and open.

Umji, at this point, needs to step up. Their group is gaining a lot of momentum since their debut. They’re currently one of the hottest rookie groups and all other members are starting to get their place on the spotlight. She needs to speak up more in interviews and be more active.

Umji, I’m rooting for you!





Overanalyzing Big Bang’s Loser

I’m not making an MV review nor a song review. I’m just overanalyzing Big Bang’s new song Loser. 

Big Bang has done it again. They were able to produce two music videos and gain millions of views just after a few days. Their two songs, Bae Bae and Loser, are both able to achieve all-kill in different music charts. Well, it’s actually expected considering that Big Bang is one of K-pop’s top group. In addition, Big Bang’s last release as a group was in 2012 and individual member promotions after that. Fans have been anticipating for this comeback for over two years now! 

First off, I don’t understand Korean. Even though I’ve been into K-entertainment for years now, I can only pick up some words but not understand the whole sentence. With that being said, I’m pretty surprised that I teared up at the end of the music video. This music video isn’t just a normal “in-box” MV that k-pop has been overusing. It has a story and even though I don’t understand what they were singing at first, I was able to get the gist of the music video.

I was reading some Youtube comments and came across a lot of comments about this song being the story of each Big Bang member. I read the English translation and I get why fans has been saying this. This song wasn’t just made for that fans’ delight. It was produced by the members themselves to portray their story to the world.

I’ll now overanalyze this song. In addition to the lyrics, I’ll also be using the music video as a source.



Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world
I was always alone
It’s been a long time since I’ve forgotten about love
I can’t listen to hopeful love songs anymore
You and me both
We’re just sad clowns, tamed and scripted
I’ve come too far
I wanna go back
To when I was young

GD has penned many of Big Bang’s hit songs such as Lies, Haru Haru and Fantastic Baby. Because of this, he is considered one of the top composers in Korea and gains lot of royalties because of this. He is also seen as a fashion trendsetter and leads Big Bang in fashion. However, due to his success, his life isn’t as private as he wants it to be. Almost everything he does gets to the public thus dating is such a difficult thing to do.

If you don’t follow k-pop news, “idol” dating is seen as a blasphemy and traitorous for the fans. It becomes difficult for idols to date freely because of the negative public backlash that they get. GD has been linked with Japanese actress Kiko Mizuhara and news of them dating has been popping up in the past few months now. However, denies has been heard from both parties (but many fans still argue that THEY DO DATE).


GD also seems to say here that he wants to go back to his youthful days. When he wasn’t surrounded by cameras and almost everything that he can say isn’t scripted. It’s like he wants to take a break and be normal… even for just one day.


At some point
I started looking at the ground more than the sky
It’s hard even to breathe
I hold out my hand
But no one holds it
I’m a

Taeyang is known as devout Christian. However, even the strongest shake and I think that’s what happened to Taeyang. Being an idol is difficult and sometimes you probably have to do something that will cause you to “sin”. “Looking at the ground more” could have meant that for a while, he stopped asking God for help and did what he had to do to succeed. He has been asking for help from “above” yet he didn’t get that help.


I blame the blue sky
I sometimes want to put everything down
I wanna say goodbye
After the wandering of this path finishes
Please, I hope I can close my eyes without regrets

“Blue sky” here could mean heaven and he blames it for whatever’s happening to him right now. We see Taeyang falling off the roof and the cross which reads “WILL SIN FIND YOU” breaking. The cross could have meant that at some point, Taeyang has been on that crossroad where he has to choose whether to follow or go against his religion.



It’s a cycle of girls and mistakes
Love them for one night
And hate them when morning comes
Can’t own up to it
Because of my selfish pleasure
Everything is being ruined
Can’t stop this dangerous full speed run
Now I have no interest, no fun anymore
I’m standing alone at the edge of a cliff
I’m going home
I wanna go back
To how it was before

TOP’s part makes me think of one-night stands. I’ve never seen him as person who does this but who knows right? Idols are humans too who also needs pleasure from time to time. In the MV, TOP is wearing gloves which means he is not really skin-to-skin touching the girl. His look of distate and hand on the girl’s throat can mean that even though he has been pleasured (sexually?) by a lot of girls, he does not get satisfaction from it. Also, TOP may have a lot of mistakes behind-the-scenes that fans doesn’t know of and may have slowly engulfed him.


At the start of the MV, TOP looks posh and polished. However, the MV progressed and he appears to be worn out with a worried look on his face and holding on his tears as he tries to walk straight. “… I’m standing alone at the edge of the cliff” may mean that the stress has built up inside him and he just wants to end it all. In the end, all he wants to do it just go back where everything was simple.



At some point
I’ve gotten scared of people’s eyes
I’m sick of crying so I tried smiling
But no one recognizes me
I’m a

It was revealed before that Daesung developed stage-fright a few months after their debut and it was singer Gummy who helped him get over it. He overcame this after a year with determination and support from fans, family and friends. Daesung is also known as a good variety character with his remarks and antics. Whenever Daesung is a guest in a variety show, expect a riot and lots of a laughter. However, behind those smiles can be a man full of struggle and sadness. He tries to hide the fact that he is experiencing something opposite to his jolly character. “But no one recognizes me”.


In the MV, Daesung is beaten up by a group of guys. Because of this, he works hard to be able to defeat these men. In the end, he was able to fight the leader (I think) of the group.



Loser, loner
A coward who pretends to be tough
A mean delinquent
In the mirror, you’re
A loner, a jackass covered in scars
Dirty trash
In the mirror, I’m a

Seungri doesn’t have individual parts here but he sings the chorus with another member. However, in the MV, he is shown as a boyfriend with a two-timing girlfriend. He calls his girlfriend but she doesn’t know that he can see her going on a date with another guy. This made him kick the mirror of car. Another is inside the apartment where the girl apparently didn’t pick up which made him mad.

I’ve read some comments that this could mean that Seungri might have a girlfriend that cheated on him before.



Loser, loner
A coward who pretends to be tough
A mean delinquent
In the mirror, you’re
A loner, a jackass covered in scars
Dirty trash
In the mirror, I’m a

Each of them had a chance to sing this part. This shows that deep inside, they are all insecure about something. We see them as these great guys who’s got the world on their hands yet they seem to see someone unworthy of it. They have all been scarred in some way, it could be hate comments or the mistakes that they’ve made, and even though they don’t show it, they bottle it up inside.

The last part shows all of them walking together. This shows that as a group, they are all able to overcome past their hurdles and move forward.

MV screenshots are all mine. Lyric source:

Why Kang Gary is DAEBAK~~

I’ve been watching random episodes of Running Man for a few weeks now. The first episode that I watched was the Episode 84 (Big Bang vs. Running Man) then Episode 85 (Big Bang vs. Running man 2). After these two episodes, I already lost count of how many episodes I’ve already watched. I watch it at home or at school. Whenever I watch it at school, I can’t help but laugh at all the antics that the members and guests are doing. My friend told me once that she likes looking at me while watching an episode because I look so happy.

Out of all the 7 members, it’s Kang Gary that I always look forward to watch. Everytime I look at the comments, there would always be comments about Kang Gary being awesome and badass. As I watch more and more episode, I realize that I want to meet someone like Kang Gary.


Dude’s got 8-degree belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido, graduated in bodyguard school and was an AMATEUR BOXER for 10 years! And I still kept on wondering why he doesn’t have a six-pack. Anyways, this guy can easily defeat the members in the nametag tearing (YES INCLUDING KIM JONG GOOK) if he’ll gonna use his skill. But since he’s not allowed to do use any violence, we’ll just let the other members win. Also, Gil (of Leessang) said that Gary has never been in a (probably street)) fight ever since he’s meet him. AND THAT PROBABLY WAS A LONG TIME AGO.

HE’S AN AWESOME RAPPER (and lyricist, musician)

Waaaay before he was known as the “Random Mr. Capable”, Gary is first known as a member of Leessang, a hiphop group. Before I watched Running Man, I already know who Gary was because he’s sometimes appears on Allkpop. However, I never read any of the news related to him because I didn’t listen to their songs. However, as in a lot of RM episodes, they would usually play some Leessang songs and the one that really made me search about their songs is “The Girl Who Can’t Break Up and the Boy Who Can’t Leave” (Leesang ft. Jung In). The first time I heard it, I fell inlove with the song as well as Gary’s rapping and Gil’s husky voice. Gary sounded like he was feeling the rap and was full of emotions. DAE~BAK~


Aside from being the “Random Mr. Capable”, Gary is also the other half of the Monday Couple (alongside Song Ji Hyo). I’m always amazed by how fast Gary can think of cheesy and sweet things to say to Ji Hyo. This leads to a point where people are often wondering on whether or not they were real. BUT JINJA! DATE ALREADY! Anyway, it’s his fast wit and perfect timing when it comes to flirting that made the Monday Couple possible in the first place.

Since Gary is also a lyricist, it’s already a given that he’s pretty damn fast in spurting out cheesy words. However, he’s not much of a talker whenever they’re all together standing and sometimes even overshadowed by Haha.


He won the first and second Best of the Best match on which he won a trip to Europe on his second win. Even though he’s considered as the “Random Mr. Capable”, he\s actually very capable of doing things especially by himself. He has a simple way of approaching things which in turn becomes advantageous to him. He thinks and decides fast, add to that his speed and strength, he is certainly worthy of his titles.



In Korea, Gary can be considered “ugly”. You’ll often hear it from the members themselves, from him and some other guests. The standard for handsomeness in Korea are the k-pop idols and “flower boy” actors as well as some actors such as Kim Won Bin. Gary has a “typical” South Korean male-face and that makes him a subject to teasing when it comes to physical appearance. However, GARY IS CHARMING. Yes, I’m saying this again, HE IS CHARMING. The way he raps, so awesome and the way he talks, so manly. Everytime he carries out a mission and starts to get serious, I can’t help but squeal so damn hard. He may not have the best face (nor the nicest body) but dude got the personality and the charm.

If by chance Kang Gary can read this, DO YOUR BEST IN ALL OF YOUR MISSIONS! and please tell Yoo Jae Suk hi ^_^

Alphabat’s AB CITY [Music Video Review]



K-Pop is known to have lots of boygroups and girlgroups and bands of all sorts. Because of this large number, it’s a wonder to many fans how companies name their groups and how they want their group to stand out. When the group “Alphabat” came out one day in Allkpop, I was like “WHAT?”. Are they actually losing some ideas?

Alphabat just released their debut MV. For a debut MV, this is expected. It’s not really that explosive and offered almost to nothing new to K-Pop. Electric, hip hop and aegyo are very common.

The song starts with a rap. It was a pretty decent rap and he sounded like TOP but kinda some timbre higher. It didn’t have the “I’ll-blow-your-mind-with-my-lazy-rap” in it. It was normal. Then it was followed by a slower tempo singing and falsetto. I like the falsetto that I kept on replaying that part. Then another singer then the chorus.

The chorus really wasn’t as explosive as it should have been. I believe that the chorus is actually the heart of the song because that’s what the people usually remember. However, in this song, it wasn’t really that focused. But I gotta admit, it’s kinda catchy.

After the first chorus, I just wanted to skip the whole “A-B-C-D-E-F-G” part because of the aegyo. The aegyo part is unnecessary and is out of place. It’s hip hop! Male hip hop. It reminded me of IGAB. Then another rap. They have two rappers? Cool.

The rest of the song was pretty much the same as how it started. There wasn’t anything that explosive with it. But for some reasons, I’m hooked with it and kept on replaying the song.

The MV is the typical “inside-the-box” MV where their backgrounds change. The whole MV is black and white and looks clean. I really like looking at it. However, there are some backgrounds which almost overpowered them to the point that you can’t see clearly their dance moves.

Speaking of dance moves, their moves are clean and awesome. I just hope that they showed more of it in the MV. But they’re debuting soon so I’ll just wait for their debut stage.

Time’s up! Game over… 

rating: 3/10

What Did the Fox Say?

This is one of the most random songs and music videos that I have ever seen. I’m not new to weird lyrics but this is beyond random. It’s like it’s made by a little kid who was trying to identify a fox’s sound. Add a cast wearing animal hats and poof! What did the fox say?

I first learned about this at 9gag. I never knew the connections of those posts about What Did the Fox Say? until I came across a comment about this being a song. it’s not retarded (as many people likes to point out rudely) but it’s a something. It’s not the best song out there but it’s catchy. Actually, I can’t keep it out of mu head for now. I guess I’ll just keep it on loop until I hate it and move on.

And now I’m actually checking out their other music videos and it’s more or less like WDTFS?. I remembered making the lyrics of our song for the Math Song competition in 2nd year. We actually just put the definitions from the book to the paper, tweaked it a bit then added the melody. I think that’s pretty much what they did to this.

This is unusual but it’s actually pretty cool. Random and humorous music videos and songs.

Girl’s Generation: From Black Ocean to One of Korea’s Brightest Stars

Sunny. Sooyoung. Tiffany. Jessica. Yoona. Yuri. Seohyun. Taeyeon. Hyoyeon. Who are these girls?

If you’re a Kpop fan and you don’t know who SNSD are, are you really a kpop fan? (When I say K-Pop fan, I mean a person who listens to K-Pop music and knows variety of K-groups.) SNSD is one of Korea’s brightest stars and they’re usually on the front page of Allkpop. But they never reached their success without experiencing some hardships.

They debuted in 2007 and was the dubbed as the female version of their label-mate and hallyu stars Super Junior. Their large number of members was criticized as much as Super Junior was when they debuted (SuJu originally had 13 members). Before forming this group,  there were many member changes that happened. If you want the whole story, read here:

When they debuted with Into The New World, they already had a fanbase and are now called the SONEs. Well, if they have fans, they also have haters. Legends said that the main reason why they had a large number of haters because they were close with male idols. But who knows right? Or maybe these haters are just jealous on how pretty these girls are.

Well, speaking of haters, one main highlight of SNSD’s career was their first Dream Concert in 2008. What happened? The dreaded BLACK OCEAN.

What’s a Black Ocean? K-Pop groups have their own fan colors. For SNSD, it’s Pastel Rose Pink. So the fans carry these light sticks during a concert or a performance of the idol. SNSD’s Black Ocean happened during the Dream Concert which is a concert where there are also other groups performing. The place is packed with different fandoms and they are all seated according to their fandom.

Now, there are two main theories why the Black Ocean happened.

1. There was a FANWAR which occured when members of different fandoms had some misunderstanding that they decide to sabotage the other fandom’s idols. They said that fanwar was the main reason why there was a Black Ocean for SNSD, fanwar between SONEs and CARTEL, Cassiopeia (DBSK), ELF (Super Junior) and Triple S (SS501).

2. They just don’t like SNSD. Maybe they have their own reasons but CARTEL decided to put the matters on their own hands and just decided to turn off their light sticks.

But whatever the main reason was, I don’t think it’s worth opening up because these four fandoms are kind of civil with each other. Let’s keep it that way.

In short, Black Ocean occurs when a fandom decides to turn off their light sticks when a specific group is performing. This is uncommon in K-Pop.

SNSD’s Black Ocean. You don’t see much lights from other fandoms.

While watching their performance, I really felt bad for them. They prepared so hard for this and was expecting to do their best for the audience. Can you imagine the shock and pain that they might have felt when they saw the Black Ocean? You can actually feel it on their voice and see it in their eyes. Most of them, if not all, we’re holding back tears. You can hear their voices cracking and some went out a bit of tune. It was a sad moment. But the girls did not breakdown, they proceeded to perform as what was practiced. After their performance, we never knew what happened on the backstage. Did they cry? Got angry?

I wasn’t a fan yet of SNSD when this happened. I knew about them through a friend when she told me to watch Gee.

This was the typical cutie K-Pop music videos and typical inside the box favorite of SM Entertainment. But, this was the MV that rose them to their status right now. It was a big hit that they became a hit and started gathering more fans in and out of Asia. They were then given the title “National Girl Group” because of their fame and influence. They bagged more commercials and endorsements than ever before.

SNSD definitely had already made an impact in Korea. Some of the are also acting now and Taeyeon I think recorded the most OSTs out of the nine. They are all over the news. But is this really everything for them? What’s next?

I want them to have relationships, like a bf-gf relationship. That’s normal but not for them. Some fans thinks that they own these girls that the thought of them dating sounds like a very big issue. But let’s just pause and think, they’re not getting any younger. They need someone to take care of them. Hyoyeon said that she wants to get married early. I’m pretty sure some of them have a special person in their life. Let’s just give them what they want, okay?

Also, I think they should cut the cuteness now. They became popular because of aegyo but I think it’s time to slowly cut that off now and start showing more mature side. I Got A Boy was awesome (but too colorful don’t you think?). Their IGAB album was cool and was full of new music that definitely suits the SNSD now. They really are going with the flow.

In the future, we hope to see SNSD succeed, either as a group or as an individual. SNSD, FIGHTING!

<photos not mine>

On Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and F(x)’s Sulli’s Dating News

[Choiza] is only a sunbae who is like a brother to Sulli. They are not dating. Since they are close, they meet often.

– SM Entertainment’s Statement

Of course,  being lovey dovey with your bestfriend is not a bad thing. I do that with my friends too, of course girl bestfriends. I hold their hands, link hands with them and hug them. But even that has its limitations. According to SM, they are close. How close? This close that they are basically holding hands?

Let’s get this straight. A girl and a boy, if they are bestfriends, when holding hands together is not a rare sight. But they don’t usually just stay this close and they usually have some space between them. As far as Sulli and Choiza’s photos look, this doesn’t look like your normal girl and boy friendship dates but looks like a date between two mature adults.

Why is this a freaking issue? Because Sulli is an idol and Choiza is an established artist and I think (and a lot do too) that their pairing is random. But hey! They look like they’re dating and contented with each other. Who are we to sabotage their happiness? Can’t we just let them date in peace? Don’t you know how difficult it might have been for them to maybe cover-up their whole relationship?

Why can’t idols date in peace? I really think that a lot of idols have hidden relationships. But you know, they understand each other so maybe they have this unspoken rule of just letting other idols be. It’s difficult when you keep telling the public that you’re single and available even if you’re not. You’re not just hurting yourself but also hurting your partner. Why should a relationship, a normal occurrence that happens when two people loves each other, be something that they should keep hidden?

So fans, if your idols have a love life, be happy. Don’t try to mess it up because they don’t need it. They also need to experience something normal. Of course you have your OTP but remember that those are perhaps just your imagination. Keep it to yourself.  And entertainment companies, you really should make a more believable story if you would like to cover-up these whole dating stories of your idols.