On How a Murder Podcast Helped Me With My Anxiety

I’ve had a couple of posts about my anxiety. I’m not ashamed of it and quite open about the fact that I’ve been to therapy and is taking medicine for it. However, this has not always been the case. For a few years, I’ve struggled with my anxiety without even knowing about it because mental health was not exactly a very interesting topic in the Philippines. However, when I came to Canada, I see flyers regarding anxiety and depression and all these mental health awareness things that made think that maybe, just maybe, I need some help for my mental health. And yep, I did.


My Favorite Murder is a murder-comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kalgariff and Georgia Hardstark (featuring the kitties and Steveeeeeen). They’ve been on air for over a year now and I’ve listened to them since April of 2016. I don’t know how I ended up choosing this podcast as my background sound when I was cramming for my Organic Chemistry final exam but I’m glad I did. These two ladies are so fun to listen to and hearing ooooohhh, ahhhh and some profanities from them when listening to the other’s murder story is refreshing. I like that they don’t filter anything in their podcast and they just say whatever is on their mind.


Karen and Georgia have been known to be open about some of their struggles with drugs and mental health. The first time I’ve heard them talked about it, I was shocked because I’ve never heard someone talked about anxiety and depression as lightly as they did. The more I listened to their episodes, the better I felt with my anxiety because heyyyyy, it’s not just me. I’ve read countless of articles about anxiety but listening to people who has it and is taking medicines for it made a big impact for me. When I heard them talk about the medicines that they take and the therapies that they’ve done, it made me ask myself, “Should I give it a try?”. I did give it a try and went to therapy. I was on the edge with almost no way of coming back up but I managed to pull myself slightly farther from the edge and forced myself to therapy. I bared my heart and dug some emotions I didn’t know I was hiding for so long. Therapy was good but my therapist suggested taking some medicines. The thought of taking medicines scared me but I knew that it could help me and it did! I love it and it sort of curbed most of my anxiety away. I know it’s not gonna remove it completely but I can actually function and not be scared most of the time about anxiety attacks.

My Favorite Murder is more than just a podcast for me. These ladies have helped me face my anxiety in the face and address it. They helped me stepped onto the therapist’s office and go to the pharmacy to get my medicines. They showed me that my mental health issues is not something to be ashamed of. Well I don’t exactly go around the room and tell everyone I have anxiety but I’m also not scared of telling people that I do have anxiety when they ask about it.

Thank you Karen and Georgia for the podcast (you too,  Steven and kitties). Stay sexy and don’t get murdered.



Philippine High School vs Canadian High School Upgrading

Before anything else, let me just say that I’m neither a teacher nor an expert in the education system of both countries. I am a student and this is obviously from my point of view. 

To make things easier, courses (subjects) that I’ve taken in the Philippines will be written as “high school [course]”, for example “high school Bio”. Courses taken in Canada will be written as “[course] upgrading”, for example “Bio upgrading”. 

I graduated high school in the Philippines. We’re one of the last few high school batches that graduated with only 10 years of basic education. As of SY 2011-2012, the Philippines’ Department of Education has started to implement the first phase of k-12. Before k-12, high school was only 4 years which means that even if I already graduated in high school, I’ll still be considered a high school student in Canada because of that missing 2 years. Luckily, I was already done with my first two years of Nursing education and so I didn’t have to go back to a traditional high school. 

When I say traditional high school, I mean going to a high school, prepare for prom and graduate with a toga and cap. I would have spent two years doing Grades 11 and Grade 12. But hey, I actually told myself that would have been better rather than spending money just to get my Grades 11 and 12 courses. 

Academic upgrading is pretty much taking up some high school courses in a college/university for various reasons.(Though a student can also do some upgrading in a high school but s/he’ll be stuck with the high school kids.) Some of the reasons could include:

  • the student needs higher grade than what s/he currently has.
  • higher GPA is needed to get into a program.
  • It’s been years since the student has graduated from high school and s/he needs to take it again for his/her desired program
  • an immigrant where his/her high school qualifications aren’t at par with the Canadian system.
  • Blew up the diploma exam and now has to get better grades (because there’s no diploma exam in upgrading!)

These are some of the reasons of a lot of my classmates in upgrading. I have classmates who just graduated in high school and some who are over 30 years old just figured out what they really wanna do or finally have the time to do what they want.

Back to the topic, what’s the difference between my high school education in the Philippines compared to my high school upgrading courses in Canada? To make things clearer, I’m doing my upgrading in a college (nope, not a university… that’ll be too expensive). I’ll try to compare it using only the courses that I’ve taken namely  Biology (0120&0130/Gr 11&12), Chemistry (0120&0130/Gr 11&12) and English (0130/Gr 12). I took Math (30-1/Gr 12) but I won’t include it since I had four Maths in high school: Elementary and Secondary Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. I feel like it’s sort of unfair to compare just one Math upgrading course to four different Math disciplines. 


Biology was very interesting. I’ve done Bio in second year of high school. I remember memorizing different bacteria, families and parts of a plant. I remember genetics (it was in the 2nd grading and my fave topic until now) and planting corns without fertilizer (we produced tiny corns). One of the highlights of our Bio class was dissecting an earthworm. We were quite disappointed that we didn’t dissect a frog like some schools probably do. Our teacher told us that it wasn’t allowed anymore and we have to just settle with the earthworm (we had a fat, long one). Needless to say, we found soil in the earthworm. 

In Grade 11 Bio, some of our lessons consisted of respiratory and circulatory system. It’s not surprising to me considering that I already did my Anatomy and Physiology course in college before but it’s the fact that we took this in detail. I don’t remember much doing this in high school. We might have but not in enough detail that we have to memorize the parts and functions of the respiratory system or which chamber does oxygenated blood goes. I DID THAT IN COLLEGE!

When I moved on to Grade 12 Bio, we did much more complicated stuff. We did the nervous and endocrine systems. Aside from all these hormones that I have to get familiarize again, we also had to memorize it and know which affects which. Our second experiment is by far the most exciting experiment I’ve done for all of Bio. WE DISSECTED A FETAL PIG. YES! We didn’t do a frog, we had a pig. Apparently, even some high schools do it. They buy off a pig (killed/died humanely) and have us cut it open and look at the different body systems. We were able to identify which one is a pancreas or how squishy it actually is. We also have genetics as one of our topics and thank goodness I still remember Punnet square. But I don’t remember doing a dihybrid cross nor doing a sex-linked trait (might/might not have done it in high school). 


I did English pretty much since I started going to school. Therefore, I didn’t have much problem in my English upgrading. For this course, we barely did anything orally in front of the class. We had 2 or 3 reportings then the rest of our oral grades is just from our seat. Since our class is more focused in writing, we did a lot of essay assignments and made our own poems. We had classes held at a computer lab where our teacher blocked any web browsers to avoid Googling (but thank goodness I have a phone). It was actually my English teacher who caught a lot of my writing mistakes such as tenses and punctuation, something that no one has done yet even after reading some of my essays. 

Compared to my English upgrading, we did a lot of oral practice in my high school English. It was in fourth year high school that I finally started to have less fear on going up front and talk to the crowd because of the various speaking exercises that we did. Even though we’ve been doing declamations and orations since first year high school, it was my fourth year high school teacher who really pushed us to think fast and talk flawlessly (I’m still working on the “flawlessly” part). 

In both English courses though, we had to make a final written output. For my high school English, I had to a term paper and successfully defend it to graduate (my topic was about conformity). For my English upgrading, we had to make an essay about a foundation or philanthropist “who makes the world a better place” (my essay was about Gawad Kalinga). 


I did Chemistry in 3rd year high school. I remember answering “Dihydrogen monoxide” for H20 and our teacher said it was wrong because it’s just supposed to be water. I asked this question in my Grade 12 chem teacher and she said it’s “sort of” acceptable but not much actually uses it. 

The one experiment that I can remember from my high school chemistry was titration. We had this burette and flasks and fancy chemicals that we’ve barely used. We were so excited to titrate and was disappointed one titration after another as we kept on overshooting our solution. Actually, this is the only experiment I remember. Probably because some aren’t as memorable as this one. A lot of my high school Chem lessons came back to me as I do my upgrading. But maybe because we only had one Chem course in high school that almost half of the lessons that I learned in Chem upgrading is new. 

In Grade 11 Chem, we learned how to name compounds, something that I also learned in high school Chem. The first few lessons were a breeze, actually… Grade 11 Chem was fine. A lot of the lessons were not new to me except for some like identifying the nonpolar/polar compounds and stoichiometry problems. I was able to get good marks in this course because I feel like a lot of these were review. In addition, we also did cool experiments which included titration! This time, I was able to get the perfect peach colour that we want. There were also a lot of boiling and dangerous chemicals that were able to handle. I felt like a mini scientist!

Grade 12 Chem is different though. Lesson started off easy, enthalpy change then moved on to more stoichiometry questions then voltaic/electrolytic cells then organic chem stuff (of course there are some more lessons in between). The experiments includes some corrosive materials and lots of boiling. At one point, I BROKE A MERCURY THERMOMETER! I was so scared and nervous because I thought my teacher would scold me. But she didn’t! And I asked her if I have to pay for it and she told me not to worry because it was an accident. They only charge those who were obviously playing. Phew! I remember breaking a cover slip in high school Bio and I had to replace it.

The coolest thing that we did though was making Nylon 6,6. I felt like a little kid while mixing the chemicals and trying to pull out some strands. A few days ago, I was browsing through our lab manual for Grade 11 Chem when the last page included making soap. MAKING SOAP! I’ve made soap before, IN COLLEGE! And here it’s in the Grade 11 course. 

The biggest thing that’s very different in my Philippine high school experience compared to my Canadian upgrading is of course the language. However, being taught in English isn’t really new to me. My high school see to it that our subjects are more or less taught in English (except if the teacher is struggling already ^_^). This is one of the reasons why I was able to adjust fairly well in the new educational environment. 

Korean Words I’ve Picked Up from K-Dramas and K-Songs

I’ve watched Korean Dramas and listened to the K-pop since I was in high school. Years later, I still do. Since I’ve done it for such a long time, I’m bound to pick-up some random Korean words. It actually surprises me when I use it in daily conversations.

  • Daebak (awesome) – I use this a lot when I watch variety shows and something amazing happens. I don’t use this much in daily convos though but I use it when I talk to myself.
  • Jinja/chincha (really?!) – this one I use almost everyday especially if I’m spacing out and uninterested in whatever someone’s telling me.
  • Jeongmal/cheongmal (really) – this is the really inreally like you. I use this a lot when I watch Korean shows and just unconsciously say it. Sometimes when I’m frustrated, I also say it. It’s a very versatile word ^_^
  • Aish~ – it’s an expression that you say especially when you’re frustrated. I use this a lot that it became natural to me. (though I much more use “Ayyyyyyyy” *Filipino*)
  • Yeppuda (beautiful/pretty) – I say it when I say something pretty or cute (more like Kyeopta).
  • Andwae~ (no way) – I picked this up recently because of Lee Kwang Soo. He always says it that I actually start saying this everytime I see something bad happening in Running Man.

I know a lot of non-Koreans fans like me who are using “Yah!” in their vocabulary. I never picked this up though. We have a way of calling which is “Hoy!” or “Oy!” which is easier and faster for me to pronounce. (I’m lazy that way)

Alphabat’s AB CITY [Music Video Review]



K-Pop is known to have lots of boygroups and girlgroups and bands of all sorts. Because of this large number, it’s a wonder to many fans how companies name their groups and how they want their group to stand out. When the group “Alphabat” came out one day in Allkpop, I was like “WHAT?”. Are they actually losing some ideas?

Alphabat just released their debut MV. For a debut MV, this is expected. It’s not really that explosive and offered almost to nothing new to K-Pop. Electric, hip hop and aegyo are very common.

The song starts with a rap. It was a pretty decent rap and he sounded like TOP but kinda some timbre higher. It didn’t have the “I’ll-blow-your-mind-with-my-lazy-rap” in it. It was normal. Then it was followed by a slower tempo singing and falsetto. I like the falsetto that I kept on replaying that part. Then another singer then the chorus.

The chorus really wasn’t as explosive as it should have been. I believe that the chorus is actually the heart of the song because that’s what the people usually remember. However, in this song, it wasn’t really that focused. But I gotta admit, it’s kinda catchy.

After the first chorus, I just wanted to skip the whole “A-B-C-D-E-F-G” part because of the aegyo. The aegyo part is unnecessary and is out of place. It’s hip hop! Male hip hop. It reminded me of IGAB. Then another rap. They have two rappers? Cool.

The rest of the song was pretty much the same as how it started. There wasn’t anything that explosive with it. But for some reasons, I’m hooked with it and kept on replaying the song.

The MV is the typical “inside-the-box” MV where their backgrounds change. The whole MV is black and white and looks clean. I really like looking at it. However, there are some backgrounds which almost overpowered them to the point that you can’t see clearly their dance moves.

Speaking of dance moves, their moves are clean and awesome. I just hope that they showed more of it in the MV. But they’re debuting soon so I’ll just wait for their debut stage.

Time’s up! Game over… 

rating: 3/10

On Devina Dediva and Megan Young

We all know that Megan Young is the new Miss World. This is the first time that the Philippines had a Miss World winner so it’s a big deal for us. The social media was filled with posts of congratulations and happiness to Megan Young. However, a person can never please everyone. There are always some people who would find something bad from it.

Devina Dediva is a normal person who is also part of the social media. One thing about the social media is that it can easily spread anything you post on it. On Devina’s case, what she posted insulted thousands of Filipinos everywhere.

The photo above shows like the summary of the ‘racist’ comments that Devina has posted on her Facebook. It was quite defaming actually. When I read that, I was quite insulted because of how she put the Filipinos done.

Knowing the Filipinos, they will never let anyone put them down. So here comes the Filipino Netizen soldiers that started bashing Devina. Even if I didn’t see any hate messages that was sent to her, I’m pretty sure they are really hurtful and over the line. Some Filipinos are false patriot that they become hypocrite. They would send hate messages such as, “Your race is way lower than ours so you better not say that” or “You’re as smelly as a pig”. I think Devina Dediva is Indian so this kind of just justified the sample hate messages.

Well first of all, I’m not putting down the Indians okay? I’m just saying that a lot of Filipinos might be thinking of sending these kind of messages to her. Let’s not do this. Devina Dediva just posted whatever is on her mind. Is that wrong? NO. But what she posted is wrong and insulting. But is that enough to send her stupid hate messages? Freaking no..

Grow up people. Sending her any hate messages or threatening her won’t do anyone good. Does Megan Young shows in public that she gives a damn? No. People are sending her hate messages because their ego and their pride was put down. Think like a mature person would. She apologized, let’s accept it. It’s not like she killed a person or something. Go hate on those freaking thieves (CORRUPT POLITICIANS) and bash them to no end. Or is it because these freaking thieves can do anything to you and Devina can’t?

Move on.

What Did the Fox Say?

This is one of the most random songs and music videos that I have ever seen. I’m not new to weird lyrics but this is beyond random. It’s like it’s made by a little kid who was trying to identify a fox’s sound. Add a cast wearing animal hats and poof! What did the fox say?

I first learned about this at 9gag. I never knew the connections of those posts about What Did the Fox Say? until I came across a comment about this being a song. it’s not retarded (as many people likes to point out rudely) but it’s a something. It’s not the best song out there but it’s catchy. Actually, I can’t keep it out of mu head for now. I guess I’ll just keep it on loop until I hate it and move on.

And now I’m actually checking out their other music videos and it’s more or less like WDTFS?. I remembered making the lyrics of our song for the Math Song competition in 2nd year. We actually just put the definitions from the book to the paper, tweaked it a bit then added the melody. I think that’s pretty much what they did to this.

This is unusual but it’s actually pretty cool. Random and humorous music videos and songs.

Girl’s Generation: From Black Ocean to One of Korea’s Brightest Stars

Sunny. Sooyoung. Tiffany. Jessica. Yoona. Yuri. Seohyun. Taeyeon. Hyoyeon. Who are these girls?

If you’re a Kpop fan and you don’t know who SNSD are, are you really a kpop fan? (When I say K-Pop fan, I mean a person who listens to K-Pop music and knows variety of K-groups.) SNSD is one of Korea’s brightest stars and they’re usually on the front page of Allkpop. But they never reached their success without experiencing some hardships.

They debuted in 2007 and was the dubbed as the female version of their label-mate and hallyu stars Super Junior. Their large number of members was criticized as much as Super Junior was when they debuted (SuJu originally had 13 members). Before forming this group,  there were many member changes that happened. If you want the whole story, read here: http://snsdkorean.com/2010/01/02/the-making-of-so-nyuh-shi-dae/

When they debuted with Into The New World, they already had a fanbase and are now called the SONEs. Well, if they have fans, they also have haters. Legends said that the main reason why they had a large number of haters because they were close with male idols. But who knows right? Or maybe these haters are just jealous on how pretty these girls are.

Well, speaking of haters, one main highlight of SNSD’s career was their first Dream Concert in 2008. What happened? The dreaded BLACK OCEAN.

What’s a Black Ocean? K-Pop groups have their own fan colors. For SNSD, it’s Pastel Rose Pink. So the fans carry these light sticks during a concert or a performance of the idol. SNSD’s Black Ocean happened during the Dream Concert which is a concert where there are also other groups performing. The place is packed with different fandoms and they are all seated according to their fandom.

Now, there are two main theories why the Black Ocean happened.

1. There was a FANWAR which occured when members of different fandoms had some misunderstanding that they decide to sabotage the other fandom’s idols. They said that fanwar was the main reason why there was a Black Ocean for SNSD, fanwar between SONEs and CARTEL, Cassiopeia (DBSK), ELF (Super Junior) and Triple S (SS501).

2. They just don’t like SNSD. Maybe they have their own reasons but CARTEL decided to put the matters on their own hands and just decided to turn off their light sticks.

But whatever the main reason was, I don’t think it’s worth opening up because these four fandoms are kind of civil with each other. Let’s keep it that way.

In short, Black Ocean occurs when a fandom decides to turn off their light sticks when a specific group is performing. This is uncommon in K-Pop.

SNSD’s Black Ocean. You don’t see much lights from other fandoms.

While watching their performance, I really felt bad for them. They prepared so hard for this and was expecting to do their best for the audience. Can you imagine the shock and pain that they might have felt when they saw the Black Ocean? You can actually feel it on their voice and see it in their eyes. Most of them, if not all, we’re holding back tears. You can hear their voices cracking and some went out a bit of tune. It was a sad moment. But the girls did not breakdown, they proceeded to perform as what was practiced. After their performance, we never knew what happened on the backstage. Did they cry? Got angry?

I wasn’t a fan yet of SNSD when this happened. I knew about them through a friend when she told me to watch Gee.

This was the typical cutie K-Pop music videos and typical inside the box favorite of SM Entertainment. But, this was the MV that rose them to their status right now. It was a big hit that they became a hit and started gathering more fans in and out of Asia. They were then given the title “National Girl Group” because of their fame and influence. They bagged more commercials and endorsements than ever before.

SNSD definitely had already made an impact in Korea. Some of the are also acting now and Taeyeon I think recorded the most OSTs out of the nine. They are all over the news. But is this really everything for them? What’s next?

I want them to have relationships, like a bf-gf relationship. That’s normal but not for them. Some fans thinks that they own these girls that the thought of them dating sounds like a very big issue. But let’s just pause and think, they’re not getting any younger. They need someone to take care of them. Hyoyeon said that she wants to get married early. I’m pretty sure some of them have a special person in their life. Let’s just give them what they want, okay?

Also, I think they should cut the cuteness now. They became popular because of aegyo but I think it’s time to slowly cut that off now and start showing more mature side. I Got A Boy was awesome (but too colorful don’t you think?). Their IGAB album was cool and was full of new music that definitely suits the SNSD now. They really are going with the flow.

In the future, we hope to see SNSD succeed, either as a group or as an individual. SNSD, FIGHTING!

<photos not mine>

On Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and F(x)’s Sulli’s Dating News

[Choiza] is only a sunbae who is like a brother to Sulli. They are not dating. Since they are close, they meet often.

– SM Entertainment’s Statement

Of course,  being lovey dovey with your bestfriend is not a bad thing. I do that with my friends too, of course girl bestfriends. I hold their hands, link hands with them and hug them. But even that has its limitations. According to SM, they are close. How close? This close that they are basically holding hands?

Let’s get this straight. A girl and a boy, if they are bestfriends, when holding hands together is not a rare sight. But they don’t usually just stay this close and they usually have some space between them. As far as Sulli and Choiza’s photos look, this doesn’t look like your normal girl and boy friendship dates but looks like a date between two mature adults.

Why is this a freaking issue? Because Sulli is an idol and Choiza is an established artist and I think (and a lot do too) that their pairing is random. But hey! They look like they’re dating and contented with each other. Who are we to sabotage their happiness? Can’t we just let them date in peace? Don’t you know how difficult it might have been for them to maybe cover-up their whole relationship?

Why can’t idols date in peace? I really think that a lot of idols have hidden relationships. But you know, they understand each other so maybe they have this unspoken rule of just letting other idols be. It’s difficult when you keep telling the public that you’re single and available even if you’re not. You’re not just hurting yourself but also hurting your partner. Why should a relationship, a normal occurrence that happens when two people loves each other, be something that they should keep hidden?

So fans, if your idols have a love life, be happy. Don’t try to mess it up because they don’t need it. They also need to experience something normal. Of course you have your OTP but remember that those are perhaps just your imagination. Keep it to yourself.  And entertainment companies, you really should make a more believable story if you would like to cover-up these whole dating stories of your idols.


On Messenger Wars

So apparently, there are already lots of messengers that have been sprouting. Of course, being the curious kitty cat that I am, I decided to try those popular apps right now. These apps are: LINE (Japan), Kakao Talk (Korea), Kik (Canada) and WeChat (China). Why am I trying these messengers? Simple. Because I like to meet new people. Being the homebody that I am, I rarely go out. This is a great way for me to meet people even from other places.


This is the first ever messenger that I’ve tried. I first used it on my Samsung Pocket phone and it was nice. I got to meet people from other places. But the fun was shortlived. There is only a limited choices for the location. Therefore, I chose that location nearest to my real location. It was kind of annoying actually. WeChat was starting to get popular in our place at that time but the people that I kept on seeing on “People Nearby” were Chinese from Mainland China. Really? How freaking close is that?

The good side of this is that you can use the shake feature. So like you can find people whoare also shaking their phones. It kind of looks weird actually especially in public but it was fun. I got to meet some people too. It gets awkward though if the person next to you is also shaking their phone, so therefore you get to chat with them.

Kakao Talk

I first got into Kakao Talk because of K-Pop. All these idols being on AKP because of their messages on Kakao piqued my curiosity up. I was entranced by its promise of cute emoji and stickers. Of course being the fan of cute things that I am, I downloaded it. So I was excited about its interface because it was super cute and easy to move around. However, after registering, I got bored. Why? There’s nothing much to do especially if your friends don’t have any Kakao account. There’s no way of meeting new people in Kakao app except if you like to post your ID on any forums or sites or share it with other people online.

Currently, I have 0 Kakao Talk friends. That’s super fun right?


This one for me is Version 2.0 of Kakao Talk. They kind of have the same interface but also different in ways. They have this so-called Timeline where you can post whatever you like. Status and photos can be posted here. It’s like their version of your Facebook. They also have this in-app game which I actually have never played. Basically, I have only registered for LINE but never really used it. It’s just in my messenger folders.

They also have cute stickers which I haven’t used. I also have 1 friend here which I don’t know who. It’s weird right? I just imported my contacts and poof! A friend is on LINE. I’ll just have to ask my friends who has LINE because this is not a good messenger to randomly talk to people except if you actually post your ID on any forums or websites online.

KiK Messenger

This is the latest messenger that I am using. I’m quite satisfied with it because it never crashed and I met people here. Just so you know, there are lots of perverts here so seeing some private parts is common *shudder*. So if you’re that conservative maiden or is practicing visual celibacy or something, then this messenger is possibly not for you. I have experienced a lot of people just sending a photo and it’s quite disconcerting at times. But when this happens, I just block them or not reply to them at all.

They have a website called Kikfriends (www.kikfriends.com) where you can post your profile and then wait for someone to message you. As I mentioned, there are lots of pervs here so posting your username is at your discretion. But I have also met lots of nice people here too.

One thing that I like about KiK is that you can see if your message was sent or not. So if you send the message, there would be an “S” beside it saying that it is sending. When it’s finally delivered but not opened, “D” will be seen beside the message. If it’s finally opened, “R” is seen beside the message which meant “Read”. Another cool thing about this app is that you know if the person you are chatting with is typing. So when the other types, you can see “Someone is typing…” on the header part.
There are lots of cool things for KiK like the meme maker. Unfortunately, their emojis are lacking and their smiley face is like a person who just got high. But nevertheless, this app is good.

Obviously, the only app that I’ve really enjoyed and used its full capability is KiK. But we have our own preferences for these different messages. Just so you know, keep your private and personal details by yourself. 😊

Things I’ve Learned From Watching Property Brothers

(l-r) Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott

So I just got the hang of watching the Property Brothers. It is a show which features TWINS Drew and Jonathan Scott, Drew being the Real Estate Expert and Jonathan being the Contractor. Aside from those amazing renovations that they do, another reason why I watch this show is because they just look so good. ^_^
I’ve been watching reno and design shows even back home but this is my first time watching this show here. I’m also amazed about the things that I’ve learned.

  • When buying a house, having it checked by the inspector is recommended. That’s because they usually meet a big problem everytime a client does not choose this option. This is also good because the house hunters gets to be informed of the possible structural problems and other problems.
  • The older the house, the more chances in finding asbestos. Like there are times when they have to like pause for sometime because the asbestos should not be disturbed.
  • Open concept is an awesome concept. I have always wanted a house where there are lots of natural light and this is the answer! Open concept is basically a no-wall barrier between the kitchen and dining room and maybe a small railing or no wall at all up to the living room.
  • Expect the walls (that you want to take down for an open concept) are structural and if there’s a second floor, expect to add a beam. Structural means that it actually supports the structure of the house so bringing it down can affect the house. A beam kind of supports the roof of the house.
  • Find a good fixer upper. They can either make your home your dream home or the horror house.
  • No matter how much work he does, Jonathan’s hair never experiences a bad hair day. Like how does he do that? Hair stylist in between takes?
  • Jonathan always wear plaid and Drew is always on formal clothes.

I just love watching Property Brothers. Just try closing your eyes and listen to the twins’ voice, you’ll have a long time to figure out who’s speaking. You can identify them but maybe if you *really* know the difference in their voice.

I can’t wait for the new episodes of the Property Brothers.