Super Junior- One More Time (Otra Vez) [MV Reaction]

Super Junior had just released a new music video featuring another non-Korean musician, Reik. This is their third Latin-inspired feature song following Mamacita and the latest Lo Siento (featuring Leslie Grace). This is also Ryeowook’s first music video after his discharge from the military. Currently, 8 of the 11 active Super Junior members can be seen in the music video: Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Ryeowook.

The video teasers that they released prior to the music videos were enough for me to realize that they were already gonna do collaboration with another Spanish musician. I feel like they’re definitely riding in their newly ignited popularity within the Spanish-speaking ELF community. Reading through their comments that I couldn’t understand, I think it’s safe to say that most of them are excited and hyped up with the new music that Super Junior is releasing with another Spanish singer.

When the music video came out, I actually already listened to the song itself on Spotify. I couldn’t stop myself and I had to jam with it. I had to stop myself from watching the music video because this is Ryeowook’s comeback and I have to make it special. Ryeowook has always been one of my fave members because of his variety show guestings. Anyway, I decided to film everything!


If I was just watching it alone, with no camera, I would have just shut up and savour the moment. But I wasn’t, so I had to say my first impressions and random comments.

One of the things that really surprised me about this music video is the appearance of Kim Heechul! I remember seeing a news a while back about him not being able to participate their filming in Macau because his injury had been hurting him. His leg injury is something that most kpop fans know as this is one the reasons why he had to only dance at near end of their songs or not participate at all. In one of the live versions of their hit song Sorry Sorry, he had a drum solo instead of dancing with the group. As he is older now and due to performing, I don’t think his leg has healed as well as it should which prompted him to take a step back from this comeback. But lo and behold, our great princess is in the music video! He did not dance or anything but just seeing his presence in the music video is enough for me.

The dance is not as flashy as most current boy groups. Maybe because they’re of the 2nd gen and definitely older. However, looking back at their previous MVs, they really didn’t have a very flashy dance steps but more on dynamic formations (we’ll leave the jumping around with SHINEe). However, Super Junior had always had that cool, gentlemanly feel to them which really aids them as they dance coolly to this song. They’ve always had the vibe of just chill and energetic at the same time which coincides with the whole feel of the song.

The band Reik is also a great partner to Super Junior. The singer’s voice did not feel foreign in comparison to the members of the group. The way he sounded felt like it really belonged and not something that they forced just to have someone sing the Spanish parts.

The music video is a visual fireworks. Different colours, scenes, dancing, flashing lights. My favourite scenes had to be the ones where they danced with some back up dancers. Because of the back-up dancers, it made me remember the time when there were 13 of them dancing on stage. The scenes looked crowded and it brought warmth to my heart.

Next time though, I’m really hoping that Sungmin could participate. He’s been gone for so long and it’s time for him to make some comeback. A lot of ELFs love him anyway and many would fight for him and his right to be in the spotlight.

One More Time (Otra Vez) by Super Junior is definitely a song that would make you dance and jam to. It’s a Latin music-inspired song that everyone should give a try and listen to.


Alphabat’s AB CITY [Music Video Review]



K-Pop is known to have lots of boygroups and girlgroups and bands of all sorts. Because of this large number, it’s a wonder to many fans how companies name their groups and how they want their group to stand out. When the group “Alphabat” came out one day in Allkpop, I was like “WHAT?”. Are they actually losing some ideas?

Alphabat just released their debut MV. For a debut MV, this is expected. It’s not really that explosive and offered almost to nothing new to K-Pop. Electric, hip hop and aegyo are very common.

The song starts with a rap. It was a pretty decent rap and he sounded like TOP but kinda some timbre higher. It didn’t have the “I’ll-blow-your-mind-with-my-lazy-rap” in it. It was normal. Then it was followed by a slower tempo singing and falsetto. I like the falsetto that I kept on replaying that part. Then another singer then the chorus.

The chorus really wasn’t as explosive as it should have been. I believe that the chorus is actually the heart of the song because that’s what the people usually remember. However, in this song, it wasn’t really that focused. But I gotta admit, it’s kinda catchy.

After the first chorus, I just wanted to skip the whole “A-B-C-D-E-F-G” part because of the aegyo. The aegyo part is unnecessary and is out of place. It’s hip hop! Male hip hop. It reminded me of IGAB. Then another rap. They have two rappers? Cool.

The rest of the song was pretty much the same as how it started. There wasn’t anything that explosive with it. But for some reasons, I’m hooked with it and kept on replaying the song.

The MV is the typical “inside-the-box” MV where their backgrounds change. The whole MV is black and white and looks clean. I really like looking at it. However, there are some backgrounds which almost overpowered them to the point that you can’t see clearly their dance moves.

Speaking of dance moves, their moves are clean and awesome. I just hope that they showed more of it in the MV. But they’re debuting soon so I’ll just wait for their debut stage.

Time’s up! Game over… 

rating: 3/10

What Did the Fox Say?

This is one of the most random songs and music videos that I have ever seen. I’m not new to weird lyrics but this is beyond random. It’s like it’s made by a little kid who was trying to identify a fox’s sound. Add a cast wearing animal hats and poof! What did the fox say?

I first learned about this at 9gag. I never knew the connections of those posts about What Did the Fox Say? until I came across a comment about this being a song. it’s not retarded (as many people likes to point out rudely) but it’s a something. It’s not the best song out there but it’s catchy. Actually, I can’t keep it out of mu head for now. I guess I’ll just keep it on loop until I hate it and move on.

And now I’m actually checking out their other music videos and it’s more or less like WDTFS?. I remembered making the lyrics of our song for the Math Song competition in 2nd year. We actually just put the definitions from the book to the paper, tweaked it a bit then added the melody. I think that’s pretty much what they did to this.

This is unusual but it’s actually pretty cool. Random and humorous music videos and songs.

On Messenger Wars

So apparently, there are already lots of messengers that have been sprouting. Of course, being the curious kitty cat that I am, I decided to try those popular apps right now. These apps are: LINE (Japan), Kakao Talk (Korea), Kik (Canada) and WeChat (China). Why am I trying these messengers? Simple. Because I like to meet new people. Being the homebody that I am, I rarely go out. This is a great way for me to meet people even from other places.


This is the first ever messenger that I’ve tried. I first used it on my Samsung Pocket phone and it was nice. I got to meet people from other places. But the fun was shortlived. There is only a limited choices for the location. Therefore, I chose that location nearest to my real location. It was kind of annoying actually. WeChat was starting to get popular in our place at that time but the people that I kept on seeing on “People Nearby” were Chinese from Mainland China. Really? How freaking close is that?

The good side of this is that you can use the shake feature. So like you can find people whoare also shaking their phones. It kind of looks weird actually especially in public but it was fun. I got to meet some people too. It gets awkward though if the person next to you is also shaking their phone, so therefore you get to chat with them.

Kakao Talk

I first got into Kakao Talk because of K-Pop. All these idols being on AKP because of their messages on Kakao piqued my curiosity up. I was entranced by its promise of cute emoji and stickers. Of course being the fan of cute things that I am, I downloaded it. So I was excited about its interface because it was super cute and easy to move around. However, after registering, I got bored. Why? There’s nothing much to do especially if your friends don’t have any Kakao account. There’s no way of meeting new people in Kakao app except if you like to post your ID on any forums or sites or share it with other people online.

Currently, I have 0 Kakao Talk friends. That’s super fun right?


This one for me is Version 2.0 of Kakao Talk. They kind of have the same interface but also different in ways. They have this so-called Timeline where you can post whatever you like. Status and photos can be posted here. It’s like their version of your Facebook. They also have this in-app game which I actually have never played. Basically, I have only registered for LINE but never really used it. It’s just in my messenger folders.

They also have cute stickers which I haven’t used. I also have 1 friend here which I don’t know who. It’s weird right? I just imported my contacts and poof! A friend is on LINE. I’ll just have to ask my friends who has LINE because this is not a good messenger to randomly talk to people except if you actually post your ID on any forums or websites online.

KiK Messenger

This is the latest messenger that I am using. I’m quite satisfied with it because it never crashed and I met people here. Just so you know, there are lots of perverts here so seeing some private parts is common *shudder*. So if you’re that conservative maiden or is practicing visual celibacy or something, then this messenger is possibly not for you. I have experienced a lot of people just sending a photo and it’s quite disconcerting at times. But when this happens, I just block them or not reply to them at all.

They have a website called Kikfriends ( where you can post your profile and then wait for someone to message you. As I mentioned, there are lots of pervs here so posting your username is at your discretion. But I have also met lots of nice people here too.

One thing that I like about KiK is that you can see if your message was sent or not. So if you send the message, there would be an “S” beside it saying that it is sending. When it’s finally delivered but not opened, “D” will be seen beside the message. If it’s finally opened, “R” is seen beside the message which meant “Read”. Another cool thing about this app is that you know if the person you are chatting with is typing. So when the other types, you can see “Someone is typing…” on the header part.
There are lots of cool things for KiK like the meme maker. Unfortunately, their emojis are lacking and their smiley face is like a person who just got high. But nevertheless, this app is good.

Obviously, the only app that I’ve really enjoyed and used its full capability is KiK. But we have our own preferences for these different messages. Just so you know, keep your private and personal details by yourself. 😊

Things I’ve Learned From Watching Property Brothers

(l-r) Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott

So I just got the hang of watching the Property Brothers. It is a show which features TWINS Drew and Jonathan Scott, Drew being the Real Estate Expert and Jonathan being the Contractor. Aside from those amazing renovations that they do, another reason why I watch this show is because they just look so good. ^_^
I’ve been watching reno and design shows even back home but this is my first time watching this show here. I’m also amazed about the things that I’ve learned.

  • When buying a house, having it checked by the inspector is recommended. That’s because they usually meet a big problem everytime a client does not choose this option. This is also good because the house hunters gets to be informed of the possible structural problems and other problems.
  • The older the house, the more chances in finding asbestos. Like there are times when they have to like pause for sometime because the asbestos should not be disturbed.
  • Open concept is an awesome concept. I have always wanted a house where there are lots of natural light and this is the answer! Open concept is basically a no-wall barrier between the kitchen and dining room and maybe a small railing or no wall at all up to the living room.
  • Expect the walls (that you want to take down for an open concept) are structural and if there’s a second floor, expect to add a beam. Structural means that it actually supports the structure of the house so bringing it down can affect the house. A beam kind of supports the roof of the house.
  • Find a good fixer upper. They can either make your home your dream home or the horror house.
  • No matter how much work he does, Jonathan’s hair never experiences a bad hair day. Like how does he do that? Hair stylist in between takes?
  • Jonathan always wear plaid and Drew is always on formal clothes.

I just love watching Property Brothers. Just try closing your eyes and listen to the twins’ voice, you’ll have a long time to figure out who’s speaking. You can identify them but maybe if you *really* know the difference in their voice.

I can’t wait for the new episodes of the Property Brothers.

SNSD’s Galaxy Supernova (MV Review)

Girl’s Generation is back again! They’ve just released their newest Japanese music video for Galaxy Supernova. Of course, the SONEs all over the world are celebrating. I’m not really their biggest fan but I do enjoy their songs (and some of their variety shows).

This time, SNSD has stick to the electric side of music and with their uber colorful set. Of course SM Entertainment never drifted away from their constant concept… the box concept. However, this time’s box concept is a very colorful box concept that can make your head spin… literally. Since they’ve just released the dance version, it’s understandable that they don’t really have much close-ups.

Their clothes right now are more toned down… way toned down compared to I Got A Boy. Their clothes consists of metallic colors which looks good against their colorful background.  They also wear midriff tops and skinny jeans (which looks good on them) and those futuristic metallic dresses.

My thoughts goes to Yoona. Seriously, she improved really good from their Into the New World Days. However, if you look closely, she looks so stiff and all but still able to carry those dance moves. Well, kudos for her improvements.

AKP mentioned about the normal version being uploaded already but it was deleted/blocked. I don’t know what happened to it but that’s really far from my concern. For now, all I want to see is the full version of their Beep Beep which was released for a few months already. I’ve heard that they won’t be released through their Youtube channel but through their album. So I guess I’ll just be waiting for a good-hearted SONE to upload it online.

Rating: 4/5 (and that “tut tut tut tu tu”… you just can’t get that out of your head)

K-Pop Songs I Wish Had Music Videos

I’m not new to this K-Pop things and I’ve already heard bunch of songs. There are those meh songs and there are those ah-mazing songs. Awesomely, some of these ah-mazing songs have Music Videos (rejoice! rejoice!) which I can watch and spazz for a long time. Unfortunately, some of these songs didn’t have MV so I’m  just left to imagine how this would have been if ever they made an MV for it.

GD and TOP’s What Do You Want? (Eojjeoran Marinya?)

One of my fave songs in their album. Since this is mainly GD, I can imagine him on stage on this retro clothes with a retro mic (think WG’s Nobody concept) with his weird hair. I can imagine him rocking the stage then having to change another scene with new sets of clothes now in modern style. I guess I’ll just be stuck on whatever he can do with this MV on my head.

SNSD’s Look at Me

This is one of my favorite songs in their latest album I Got A Boy. I actually like this better that IGAB. The song is catchy and fast beat and is pretty much SNSD. They did not stray really far from their roots (?) unlike with what they did with the uber confusing track called I Got A Boy. During the song break (is that how you call it?), the part before the final chorus, I imagine Hyoyeon giving her all in showing her dancing talent. Since the song is a fast song, their dance steps could also be pretty fast and catchy. I want to see a dance choreo for this.

Super Junior’s White Christmas

Since it’s already the start of the Ber-months and I’m patiently waiting for their comeback, this song deserves a spot. Of course it’s a Christmas Song and it is a happy song. I want to see them sing and have fun with this song. Like you know, show more of their dorky sides and stuff.

Bebe Mignon’s Stupid Oppa

This is the song that made me search more of Bebe Mignon. Their voices are so cute and sweet and mellow and touching and I just love listening to them. Too bad this song doesn’t have a music video because I’m pretty sure it would be one of those white-themed aegyo-filled music video. But who cares? The song would suit it.


Psy’s Gentleman (Music Video Review)

After his worldwide hit Gangnam Style, Psy has followed it up with this new song Gentleman. It is more of an electronic pop song compared to Gangnam. Will this song reach the same popularity as Gangnam?

From the start of the song, it’s like a party tune because it’s kind of electric (dubstep?) and some people can say that it has similarities to Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra. Also, the old people behind Psy (his guards?) are all old people which made me think, ‘So, they’re gentlemen?’. And Psy did the BEG’s hip thrust from Abracadabra, soooo … now what?

Around 0:42, you can see Noh Hong Chul doing his famous ‘elevator hip thrust’ on the far right side. Around 0:46, Yoo Jae Suk, the ‘man in yellow outfit’ joins the music video.

The chorus part says “I’m a Mother, Father, Gentleman”. Please don’t mishear it as “I’m Motherf*cker Gentleman” even if I think think this is what Psy wants to really say. And now in the chorus, you can see that they are actually basing the dance step from BEG’s  Abracadbra. Now, on the second chorus, that girl dancing with him is BEG’s (hot) Gain. Maybe they had an agreement about this?

The whole video for me is plain weird especially after I’ve read the English translation. The song is about being a gentleman and yet he does not show gentlemanliness here, so is there a contradiction?

Psy has mentioned this about Gangnam Style.

People who are actually from Gangnam never proclaim that they are—it’s only the posers and wannabes that put on these airs and say that they are “Gangnam Style”—so this song is actually poking fun at those kinds of people who are trying very hard to be something that they’re not.

So I guess that this is what Psy also wants to bring here in this new music video. The exact opposite of being a gentleman which means letting a girl fall and untying her bikini.

The quirkiness and the randomness of Gangnam is also evident here except that this is more of an adult version (?). Also, the music video sequence is almost the same as Gangnam Style if you’ll just look closely. I think that they did base this one from Gangnam Style.

The song reminds me of Super Junior’s Rock Star. Maybe because they are both more on a electronic pop in nature.

IMO, this won’t be able to surpass Gangnam Style. Yes, this would be successful but I don’t think it will Gangnam’s height. But let’s see what will happen. I was actually expecting an RnB song or kind of a ballad from him. What was I thinking?

So for now, I will rate this music video as 4/5.

The 3rd Hospital: My First Medical Drama

I actually just started watching this yesterday morning and I have just finished watching it this afternoon. There were a total of 20 episodes with an average of 45 minutes per episode :)

This series was released last year but I didn’t really mind it. For me, it was just another series where a lot of people watched just because a popular girl group member (SNSD’s Sooyoung) is here. I thought it was kind of annoying how people praise Sooyoung for her acting and how awesome this series is. And that’s the reason why I have just watched this series.

The story is about a hospital that was built for the Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine to collaborate. They envision that the future of medicine lies on the collaboration of these two. Eastern Medicine is more on the traditional medicine while Western Medicine is more on the modern science.  However, there is a huge gap between these two Medicines and even doctors doesn’t go along well with each other. But because of some ruckus that happened, they were given 6 months to show the effect of the collaboration or else the sign of the hospital would be taken down.

The reason why they were given 6 months to show the result of their collaboration.

Even from the first part, I’m impressed on how these actors act as if they really do belong in the medical field. I really look forward when there are procedures that happens like the acupuncture and the brain surgeries. It made me see a glimpse of the actual happenings inside the hospital and made me look forward for major and minor operations. The definitions that they flash whenever someone speaks in medical terminologies also helped me understand more about what they’re talking about. I was also pretty amazed on their hospital. It was really pretty and very high-tech. On top of that, it was government owned and made me compare their hospital with our own government owned hospital.

The actors are actually good in acting. Kim Seung Woo , who played Dr. Kim Doohyun (Western Medicine Doctor), the genius Neurosurgeon, is actually fit for his role. He plays the dictator doctor pretty well. However, there are times when keeps his tone too monotonous that made his acting pretty boring and flat. But I like him when he actually shows affection to Dr. Jin (Kim Min Jung). He makes me feel kilig whenever he shows some clues on his true feelings for Dr. Jin.

My wish is that, whenever your cerebrum perceives me, try to secrete as much dopamine from your frontal lobe and serotonin from your brain stem. – Dr. Doohyun to Dr. Jin Hyein.

Oh Ji Ho‘s role is the Eastern Medicine Doctor, Dr. Kim Seunghyun (Eastern Medicine Doctor),  who tries to save Lee Euinji, daughter of his mentor,  from brain tumor by developing a medication that can cure cancer. His mother and girlfriend both died of brain tumor which drove his passion to find develop the medicine for cancer. I actually hoped during the first episodes that him and Dr. Jin would have the happy ending. They look good together and they’re like the perfect couple <3 But he still loves his girlfriend, Choi Euijin, and thinks that it’s his lifelong punishment not to love again because he wasn’t able to save his girlfriend.

Kim Min Jung plays the role of Dr. Jin Hyein (Western Medicine Doctor), a third year specializing Neurosurgeon. She’s under the mentorship of Dr. Doohyun and is the object of Dr. Doohyun’s affection. She’s also called ‘Doohyun’s wife’ because he has been under Dr. Doohyun for 5 years. I like Dr. Jin’s character because she believes in what she thinks is right to the extent that she let Lee Euinji undergo the treatment without even thinking that her doctor’s coat would be removed from her. She’s the kind of doctor that I would love to have :) She’s kind of dense though and it was Dr. Seunghyun who shed light to her true feeling for Dr. Doohyun.

This is Sooyoung‘s first drama and I think it’s quite understandable that her acting is not that great. She played Lee Euinji wh’s diagnosed with brain tumor. She actually annoyed me during her first appearances because she kept on talking on that cutesy voice and too much aegyo for her. But during the later scenes, where she started to experience the symptoms and later on knew about her illness, I started liking her. The downside for her is that there are scenes when she cries, I can’t see tears! But all in all, she did a good job, not great because I’m kind of disappointed with her acting. Her sister, Soojin, played the role of Choi Euinji, the girlfriend of Dr. Seunghyun who died from Brain tumor.

Choi Yoon So is a good actress because she made me hate her. She plays Dr. Jung Seung Hee  (Western Medicine Doctor), a specializing Neurosurgeon, who tries her best to seduce Dr. Doohyun but failed. She’s like frenemies with Dr. Jin ^_^ Im Hyung Joon, who plays Dr. Min Joo Ahn (Eastern Medicine Doctor), is the best friend of of Dr. Seunghyun and likes Dr. Jung. I like seeing these two bicker. In the end, these two became a couple.

This is the psychiatric patient I’m talking about.

The series is really nice and I would recommend it. But it actually has left lots of details. Like the psychiatric patient who told Dr. Doohyun about his brother, I wanna know what happened to her. And that 1st year resident doctor who misplaced the catheter on the doctor’s son, what happened to him? Was he punished? Was his twin also punished? Why was he the one who continued being the doctor? Because a lot of details was left out, some parts of the story became vague. I wish that they actually showed like five cases completely from the start of care until the end.

I actually thought that the case that they would use to show their collaboration was Euinji’s case. She was treated using the equipments of Western Medicine but with the medicine developed by the Eastern Medicine Doctors. It was actually pretty good but still there was the problem that the medicine wasn’t really approve and can cause more problems :( Instead, they used Dr. Hayoon’s case by which he had an emergency brain surgery inside a room with no special equipments. He was operated by Dr. Doohyun and was under Dr. Seunghyun’s acupuncture anesthesia. So I guess that worked out too.

I really hope that they’ll make a second season of this series. Maybe new doctors and new cases. :)

(photos not mine)

SNSD/Girl’s Generation’s I Got A Boy (Music Video Review)


This is the first SNSD music video that I really looked forward to watch because the teaser was good. The girls wearing something like punk, disregarding their usual dresses and cutesy clothes. They had a strong teaser photos and video. I actually expected an over the top music video.

On the intro, you can see the girls minding their own business inside the room. Then a guy comes buzzing the doorbell and instantly, all of them ‘panicked’ and the scene becomes SM’s favorite part, the stopping of everything midair or the ‘matrix’. The face of the guy is obscured by his hair and so I guess we would be in the shadows as to who this guy really is.


The song started with “A-YO GG!” which is a really good start. Then Sooyoung rapped fairly with what’s supposed to be hip hop actions. Then Yuri followed. Yuri definitely is suited for their current theme and look because she looks mature and not out of place. She also rapped quite fairly, the same as Sooyoung. This is the first SNSD song where the rap goes first or where there’s actually a pretty decent rap that I like.

When Taeyeon started to sing, I find it nice because she looks her age. This suits her because she needs to grow up and start to shed off that cutesy behind her. Seohyun looks out of place. I mean, she really is the innocent type and I think she has a hard time pulling this off. Sunny as usual with her cutesy voice. I hate it when that happens. I heard some SNSD songs where Sunny’s cute voice is not evident and you can actually here a mature voice. I hope that happened here because her voice totally blew off the ‘strong’ image she was supposed to portray.

Yoona rapping? She should stick to it. She’s never one of the good voices in SNSD and I think she can rap if she’ll just have to practice. It’s good too that she’s able to break free from her cutesy and ‘innocent’ image as the face of SNSD and able to give a strong image for this MV. Hyoyeon rapping? I expected it. I mean she usually gets fewer lines alongside with Yoona. I also find her amusing because it seems like she did not need try to ‘act’ for this MV as a strong person but just to act herself and rap and dance her way.

Tiffany with her ever-present eye smile is still ever-present. However, she did this during the slow moments of the song. In the first part where she says, “Here comes trouble!”, I actually find that fierce. Jessica is still pretty. She really does look like a girl going on shopping here.

For the dance, I find it nice but not really that great. It’s really deviation from their previous dance routines. However, it seems like some members are not really good at this popping and hip hop stuff which makes them look like stiff and awkward to look at. Hyoyeon looks good in this because this is her specialty. However, some do have trouble with the step and that’s one the faults that I find in this music video. I do hope they can pull this off on their live performances.

Their clothes. Hmmm… what to say? I don’t like it that much. I think it’s really overdone and layering at it’s best. Since they have lots of strong moves, I hope that they toned down the clothes for us to be able to actually appreciate and for them to clearly define the moves. I actually kept on being distracted with the clothing colors on some parts because it’s somewhat colorful and their background is colorful. Am I watching a rainbow? It’s a good thing that they use white sneakers in some parts because we can see their footworks clearly.


Hairs. It’s a big thing because the hair is a crowing glory for a woman. Most of them actually has their suited for them and the colors are quite nice. My favorites are Sooyoung’s and Jessica’s. My hatest is Sunny’s. The green one is pretty like a moss. It looks like a mop. Short hair suits her but not the green. Pink is also not that flattering because it just made her more like a kid. I don’t understand what the hair stylist thought about this. I think a darker shade of  red suits Sunny more, not pink.


FINALLY, the song. I feel like I’m listening to 2 or 3 different songs, just the same background music. Dubstep? You won’t be disappointed. First part is fierce, strong… showed the cool and strong side of SNSD. Then it started to get slower, but still near the first part. It’s actually a good transition and won’t make you feel lost. However, the TaeTiSeo part made me lost. Am I still watching the same MV? It’s quite confusing because I think the only thing that connected that part to the rest of the song is the background…dubstep. The song, in general, is pretty addictive and I’m currently having an LSS for this.

Overall, the music video is a bit dizzying and confusing, but that’s okay. I’m used to that. I’ll look forward for the drama version, if there is, and I hope it won’t be confusing and would actually have a consistent story line. I quite expected an MV like this because it’s kind of an SNSD counter-MV of SJ’s Sexy, Free and Single.

My score for this music video is: 4/5 (because I got confused while watching the MV)