Losing the Passion?

Reading might be one of the most cliched things to write on “What is your hobby?”. I mean, that’s what a lot of people would right in order to look more intelligent than they actually are. Writing, though, is something that you don’t see a lot as answer to that question. What kind of writing? Scribbling? News Writing? The Onion-style writing? People can get confuse and be like, “So… like calligraphy?” and you’re stuck shaking and scratching your head.

Growing up, I’ve always loved reading. Stories, poems, ads… you name it, I would read it. I was always scolded for reading while walking because apparently that messes up with your sight or reading in the dark. I don’t actually remember when I learned how to read. All I know was that I used to stand beside my grandma while she teaches her students how to read then I started helping her teach them how to read. Reading has given me a good way to exercise my imagination as well as broaden my vocabulary. I’ve always aced spelling exams as I knew a lot of words that were probably seen as way beyond my age. My family and friends have always encourage me to read more. My dad and his siblings had lots of books and comics collections which I was free to use (as long as I take care of them). My grandma gave me a list called “Basic Sight Words” which I had to read everyday to enhance my vocabulary.

As I grew older, reading still made me happy and then I found about writing. Or more specifically, journalism. I was in Grade 5 when I was invited to train to be part of the journalism team of my school. I enjoyed it a lot and could see myself doing this for a long time. I didn’t end up being part of the team of that year because my teacher legit sabotaged me (but I’m over it… I guess). The next year, I was chosen to be trained again to be part of the journalism team. This time, I made it. I was preparing to be a feature writer but ended up as the editorial writer.

Every time we would have some writing practices during the training, I was always told that my features were more editorial. I would always have some piece of my opinion injected onto them instead of featuring the topic. In the end, I was chosen as part of the school paper. On the paper, I was credited as a feature writer but I was the one who wrote the editorial. The editor-in-chief was the one who wrote the feature. After the weeklong initial training, we stayed later in the school to start preparing for the city-wide journalism competition. We were competing with most of the schools in the country. I didn’t win and that broke my heart. I took me back to when I was little and also failed to win at a reading contest. Two of my biggest passions and I failed at being the top bitch. Anyways, most of my teammates won the top prizes and our school won the over-all top prize for journalism in English (there was another one for Filipino).

When I entered high school, I was motivated to be part of the school paper. I applied and submitted some of my writings, old and new, to them. I’ve never heard from them that year and when the school paper came out, it was obvious that I didn’t make it. The next year, I applied again. But this time, I was less naive and more aware. I knew the type of people that they’ve accepted and I wasn’t part of that cut. However, I still applied half-knowing that I wouldn’t get into the club anyways. I told myself at that time that if I don’t get in, I would stop trying. I did not get in and I stopped trying.

That same year, I won the Tanaga poster making competition. I’ve beaten the writers from that club and I’ve never been happier. It was an unexpected win as I thought that I wouldn’t have a chance with it because I didn’t make up my mind on what to write until the last 20 minutes of my time. I walked up to my stage and picked up my medal.

A year later, a competition was sponsored by the alumni of our school. It was a writing competition and only the honors and semi-honors students were invited to join. Everyone else were cut off from joining and we had no idea that this existed until the winner was announced on a Monday morning. My friends and I looked at each other, aghast at this inequality. Up there is a guy reading his winning piece while majority of the school body had no idea about this competition. I was pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who felt betrayed and annoyed. Then, another competition sponsored by the same people was announced and this time, it was for everybody. My friends and I decided to join the preliminary part. About a week later, we were called to the Principal’s office to be personally congratulated as we were able to move on to the second and final round of the competition.

On the final round, our Principal gave this long pep talk which I missed most of it as I was late. However, I got to catch the last bit of it. I can never forget his words that up until now I still think about whenever I write something, “Don’t write about what they want to read, write about what you want to say”. With those words in my mind, I wrote what I thought was the most controversial piece of that competition. The topic was ‘I Beliefve…’ and it took me forever to think of what to finish this with. I wish for a better future? I wish to be rich? Then I thought, for all these year, I’ve seen intelligent and talented people in general sections not being given their limelight because the spotlight is always given to the honors’ and semi-honors’ sections. So the essence of my piece was that I believe that the school should not have any sections named as Semi, honors and General Section. As I looked around the room, I see members of the school journalism team and I thought, yikes, with this piece and these trained people, will I get a chance to win?

I won. Second place. Super unexpected and I didn’t exactly know how to react. Here’s a piece that I wrote on behalf of my general section friends. Here’s a piece that I thought they would just put on the side because of how it can be seen as an attack towards treatment of students by the school. As I walked across the stage, in front of the very people who rejected me into the school paper in favour of their peers, I felt a surge of pride. I still had it. I can still write and that rekindled my passion for writing. I knew that this was one path that I would want to walk on and pursue. But my parents had other plans.

I was going to be a nurse, like my mom. I cried and begged them no, but it was nursing or no school. I had no money and was dependent on my parents so I conceded. I took nursing for two miserable years. I can see myself becoming a nurse but I can also see myself not being happy. As years goes by, writing didn’t become my priority anymore and I’ve been abandoning my blog, one of my last connections towards my journalism dream.

As I look at this blog and my other blog (which I had when I was in high school), I could totally see when I started to lose the passion. When I started focusing more on my life and not on myself. Blogging and writing had always been my getaway. As I look at my drafts, I could see half-finished pieces, stories, how-to and memories. It saddens me that there was a time when idea just flow right through me and drafts were merely a way for me to save my progress so that I can finish a blog in a few hours. Now, the draft box has become a graveyard of my non-continuous ideas, writer’s block and loss of hope.

I don’t know if I’m still as passionate in writing as I was before. But writing has already been engraved in me and I couldn’t imagine losing the chance and the ability to write, to be able to convey my feelings. I think the one reason why interest in writing hasn’t been up there lately but because I haven’t been writing. I mean, some people would say that one of the easiest ways to rekindle a relationship is to bond with them again, right? I guess that’s what I have to do. To write more, blog more. Anything under the sun.


Philippine High School vs Canadian High School Upgrading

Before anything else, let me just say that I’m neither a teacher nor an expert in the education system of both countries. I am a student and this is obviously from my point of view. 

To make things easier, courses (subjects) that I’ve taken in the Philippines will be written as “high school [course]”, for example “high school Bio”. Courses taken in Canada will be written as “[course] upgrading”, for example “Bio upgrading”. 

I graduated high school in the Philippines. We’re one of the last few high school batches that graduated with only 10 years of basic education. As of SY 2011-2012, the Philippines’ Department of Education has started to implement the first phase of k-12. Before k-12, high school was only 4 years which means that even if I already graduated in high school, I’ll still be considered a high school student in Canada because of that missing 2 years. Luckily, I was already done with my first two years of Nursing education and so I didn’t have to go back to a traditional high school. 

When I say traditional high school, I mean going to a high school, prepare for prom and graduate with a toga and cap. I would have spent two years doing Grades 11 and Grade 12. But hey, I actually told myself that would have been better rather than spending money just to get my Grades 11 and 12 courses. 

Academic upgrading is pretty much taking up some high school courses in a college/university for various reasons.(Though a student can also do some upgrading in a high school but s/he’ll be stuck with the high school kids.) Some of the reasons could include:

  • the student needs higher grade than what s/he currently has.
  • higher GPA is needed to get into a program.
  • It’s been years since the student has graduated from high school and s/he needs to take it again for his/her desired program
  • an immigrant where his/her high school qualifications aren’t at par with the Canadian system.
  • Blew up the diploma exam and now has to get better grades (because there’s no diploma exam in upgrading!)

These are some of the reasons of a lot of my classmates in upgrading. I have classmates who just graduated in high school and some who are over 30 years old just figured out what they really wanna do or finally have the time to do what they want.

Back to the topic, what’s the difference between my high school education in the Philippines compared to my high school upgrading courses in Canada? To make things clearer, I’m doing my upgrading in a college (nope, not a university… that’ll be too expensive). I’ll try to compare it using only the courses that I’ve taken namely  Biology (0120&0130/Gr 11&12), Chemistry (0120&0130/Gr 11&12) and English (0130/Gr 12). I took Math (30-1/Gr 12) but I won’t include it since I had four Maths in high school: Elementary and Secondary Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. I feel like it’s sort of unfair to compare just one Math upgrading course to four different Math disciplines. 


Biology was very interesting. I’ve done Bio in second year of high school. I remember memorizing different bacteria, families and parts of a plant. I remember genetics (it was in the 2nd grading and my fave topic until now) and planting corns without fertilizer (we produced tiny corns). One of the highlights of our Bio class was dissecting an earthworm. We were quite disappointed that we didn’t dissect a frog like some schools probably do. Our teacher told us that it wasn’t allowed anymore and we have to just settle with the earthworm (we had a fat, long one). Needless to say, we found soil in the earthworm. 

In Grade 11 Bio, some of our lessons consisted of respiratory and circulatory system. It’s not surprising to me considering that I already did my Anatomy and Physiology course in college before but it’s the fact that we took this in detail. I don’t remember much doing this in high school. We might have but not in enough detail that we have to memorize the parts and functions of the respiratory system or which chamber does oxygenated blood goes. I DID THAT IN COLLEGE!

When I moved on to Grade 12 Bio, we did much more complicated stuff. We did the nervous and endocrine systems. Aside from all these hormones that I have to get familiarize again, we also had to memorize it and know which affects which. Our second experiment is by far the most exciting experiment I’ve done for all of Bio. WE DISSECTED A FETAL PIG. YES! We didn’t do a frog, we had a pig. Apparently, even some high schools do it. They buy off a pig (killed/died humanely) and have us cut it open and look at the different body systems. We were able to identify which one is a pancreas or how squishy it actually is. We also have genetics as one of our topics and thank goodness I still remember Punnet square. But I don’t remember doing a dihybrid cross nor doing a sex-linked trait (might/might not have done it in high school). 


I did English pretty much since I started going to school. Therefore, I didn’t have much problem in my English upgrading. For this course, we barely did anything orally in front of the class. We had 2 or 3 reportings then the rest of our oral grades is just from our seat. Since our class is more focused in writing, we did a lot of essay assignments and made our own poems. We had classes held at a computer lab where our teacher blocked any web browsers to avoid Googling (but thank goodness I have a phone). It was actually my English teacher who caught a lot of my writing mistakes such as tenses and punctuation, something that no one has done yet even after reading some of my essays. 

Compared to my English upgrading, we did a lot of oral practice in my high school English. It was in fourth year high school that I finally started to have less fear on going up front and talk to the crowd because of the various speaking exercises that we did. Even though we’ve been doing declamations and orations since first year high school, it was my fourth year high school teacher who really pushed us to think fast and talk flawlessly (I’m still working on the “flawlessly” part). 

In both English courses though, we had to make a final written output. For my high school English, I had to a term paper and successfully defend it to graduate (my topic was about conformity). For my English upgrading, we had to make an essay about a foundation or philanthropist “who makes the world a better place” (my essay was about Gawad Kalinga). 


I did Chemistry in 3rd year high school. I remember answering “Dihydrogen monoxide” for H20 and our teacher said it was wrong because it’s just supposed to be water. I asked this question in my Grade 12 chem teacher and she said it’s “sort of” acceptable but not much actually uses it. 

The one experiment that I can remember from my high school chemistry was titration. We had this burette and flasks and fancy chemicals that we’ve barely used. We were so excited to titrate and was disappointed one titration after another as we kept on overshooting our solution. Actually, this is the only experiment I remember. Probably because some aren’t as memorable as this one. A lot of my high school Chem lessons came back to me as I do my upgrading. But maybe because we only had one Chem course in high school that almost half of the lessons that I learned in Chem upgrading is new. 

In Grade 11 Chem, we learned how to name compounds, something that I also learned in high school Chem. The first few lessons were a breeze, actually… Grade 11 Chem was fine. A lot of the lessons were not new to me except for some like identifying the nonpolar/polar compounds and stoichiometry problems. I was able to get good marks in this course because I feel like a lot of these were review. In addition, we also did cool experiments which included titration! This time, I was able to get the perfect peach colour that we want. There were also a lot of boiling and dangerous chemicals that were able to handle. I felt like a mini scientist!

Grade 12 Chem is different though. Lesson started off easy, enthalpy change then moved on to more stoichiometry questions then voltaic/electrolytic cells then organic chem stuff (of course there are some more lessons in between). The experiments includes some corrosive materials and lots of boiling. At one point, I BROKE A MERCURY THERMOMETER! I was so scared and nervous because I thought my teacher would scold me. But she didn’t! And I asked her if I have to pay for it and she told me not to worry because it was an accident. They only charge those who were obviously playing. Phew! I remember breaking a cover slip in high school Bio and I had to replace it.

The coolest thing that we did though was making Nylon 6,6. I felt like a little kid while mixing the chemicals and trying to pull out some strands. A few days ago, I was browsing through our lab manual for Grade 11 Chem when the last page included making soap. MAKING SOAP! I’ve made soap before, IN COLLEGE! And here it’s in the Grade 11 course. 

The biggest thing that’s very different in my Philippine high school experience compared to my Canadian upgrading is of course the language. However, being taught in English isn’t really new to me. My high school see to it that our subjects are more or less taught in English (except if the teacher is struggling already ^_^). This is one of the reasons why I was able to adjust fairly well in the new educational environment. 

Way Back Wednesday: High School Movie Making Project

Director : Shaira Amerl Sales
Writers: Jonel Juaneza , Sundae Mae Indino
Camerawoman : Sundae Mae Indino
Starring : Suhaimen Lomondot
Kaycynt Joyce Lucagbo
Cast: Kerstan Hillario, Christna Banuag, JJ Fabiana, Roland Gironella, TJ Uy, Jon Pelino

This is one of the most memorable projects that I’ve made in high school (and maybe the most stressful).

This movie making project was a collaboration between the Filipino and Computer department. Kailangan talaga nito eh collaboration and participation ng group. May 11 members sa group namin tapos four groups per section. Medyo marami pero na-hati naman. Of course, ako yung naging director. Saya no?

When we started filming the scenes, we didn’t know how to do it. We just shoot and shoot. We made the script, edited it, submitted it to the teacher then shoot again. We didn’t have much time to shoot because we were all busy and many of our groupmates have their own personal reasons to go home early and not show-up on shooting days (or times). There were lots of moments where I lost my patience and just shouted at the “actors” because of their unreasonable alibis. Diba? Kainis kung aalis tapos hindi okay yung alibi nila. Tapos damay pa yung whole group. Wth?

So after maybe two months (?) of “shooting” and “editing”, we finally had a project! It’s a short movie, 30 minutes long, about a love between  two Muslims where the girl is already betrothed to another guy. It was a cliche story but whatever, we just wanted to pass the subject. We didn’t know what happened but our film was actually considered for showing at the SM Mall Theaters for the final showing night! Awesome!

Of course, good news. I was so excited when I heard this pero nag-alangan din ako. Kasi nga diba, ang hirap mag-shoot. Tapos sinabi ng teacher ko na  kailangan naming mag-reshoot ng ibang scenes and mag-add pa. Medyo nakulangan ang excitement ko nun. So I told my teacher na tatanungin ko nalang muna yung groupmates ko. Intrams nun tapos ang saya nila nung sabihin ko na na-consider kami. Pero when I told them na kailangang mag-reshoot, yun na, unanimous ang decision na hindi na kami mag-rereshoot. Pagod na kaming lahat.

So ayun, ang saya lang. May short film kaming nagawa kahit isa lang. Ngayon ko lang na-realize na nakapag-direk pala ako ng isang movie kahit na mga classmates ko lang mga nakakita. Kahit na diba? :)


On Learning Baybayin

Baybayin (or wrongly known as Alibata) is the ancient writing of the Philippines. My interest for Baybayin started when I was in high school but it’s just now that I’ve taken the time to pratice it.
Practising writing Baybayin is difficult. The main reason is that this wasn’t taught in the school and I wasn’t really exposed to this. When I saw the characters, it really looked foreign to me and I was at awe. These characters looks so cool!

Then I started practising with it. First with my name, then my parents’ name then more Filipino words. It’s quite fun actually because I feel so unique knowing this art of writing where only a few Filipinos takes interest in.

As I practice writing, I divide the word into syllables based on how I hear them and how they were supposed to be in Tagalog. This is kind of tricky actually because there are times when I think if what I’m doing is right or wrong. What made it more difficult to learn this is that there’s no website that I can find that offers practice lessons for Baybayin. It gets me so frustrated to just follow the principles that I’ve read and take it from there.
My learning in writing to write Baybayin can be compared to how I learned writing in Korean. First is that I divide the word by syllables then supply the corresponding letter. Except for Baybayin, one syllable is one character.
Truthfully, I find learning the Korean writing easier than learning this. Well, it just adds to the fun, right?
Below is my name in the English alphabet, in Baybayin and in the Korean Alphabet.


The Value of Education

From kindergarten to 2nd year university, I never had a problem about my education. My parents are more than capable to send me to school. My mom is an OFW and every dollar she sends to me gets converted to peso so its value becomes big. My dad is a police officer so he has a steady source of income. I never had problems about having to line-up for a promissory note or whatever.

Since high school, I was able to study in one of the most prestigious high school of our region, Xavier University High School. It is known to be one of the top schools in the city. In addition to that, it is also an Ateneo school, part of the schools run by the Jesuits,. Clearly, the school is both prestigious and at the top of their game. Of course, quality education does not come cheap (in the Philippines) and so my parents have to pay a big sum of money per year. My tuition for four years ranged from Php31,000 to PhP40,000. It’s a pretty hefty price but I never had problems with it. It was my parents who had to pay for my tuition and all I did was study and do good.

When I reached university, I enrolled at the University department of our school, Xavier University and entered the College of Nursing. At this point of time, I still relied on my parents to send me to school. I didn’t have to pay for anything. They paid my pricey tuition fees per semester and gave me my allowance. They also gave me extra money for my extra expenses and whats-it. Nursing is not an easy course and does not come cheap.There are lots of things that we have to buy and pay but I never had problems with money.

Now that I’m in Canada, I started to realize how important education is. During my two years of University at XU, I was quite the lazy student. If I don’t understand the subject, I only put like quarter of my effort, just enough for me to pass. I was not mindful of my actions and was insensitive enough to not realize how hard my parents worked for me to able to study. I almost failed some of my subjects. I was happy to get a grade of “D” for some subjects that I did not realize at that time how stupid my happiness was.

For this school year, I don’t have a chance to go to school. One because the deadlines are done and two because we don’t have enough money. University here is very expensive especially for us who were only here for a short time. We weren’t able to save enough money to send me immediately to school. It’s an awful feeling to think that what I took granted before is now what I’m yearning for.

I do hope to be back to school by next year. I don’t know how but I want to. Finishing a degree is very important for me because it’s something that I can hold on to for the rest of my life. This could be my only hope to succeed in the future. And how do I do that? Well, I’m planning to work for this year until before school next year to pay for my dues. Hopefully, I can go back to school next year. Hopefully.

Nursing You Say?

Novemeber is near and that’s usually the time when my school is having the entrance exam. Maybe other schools will also start their entrance exams. A lot of high school seniors now may be undecided on what they want to take up for college. I know some would consider taking up Nursing. Maybe because they want to go abroad or be a doctor or really be a nurse. Well, this post will be about a Nursing Student.

My first thought about Nurses is that they’re just the doctor’s assistant. They just follow whatever the doctor said and orders. If the doctor wants them to bathe the client, they should follow. Like slaves. That’s what I always see. Superficial. That thought went out the door when I entered Nursing School.

You see, Nursing is not just caring. It’s an ART and SCIENCE of Caring. So Nurses are not the doctor’s assistant. They are professionals who doesn’t even have Professional Fee. They should be regarded with respect because taking care of someone in pain is not easy. Before you become a nurse, you’re a student nurse first. What should you expect?

(this is based on my experience)

The first thing that you should expect is SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. I rarely have this but many of classmates have sleepless nights. There are times when you have lots of exam for the next day. There was one time when for the whole week, everyday, we have a quiz, long test or return demonstration. It was really a hectic week. However, you can avoid this by managing your time well. Do whatever you can do during your free time so that in the evening, you have less things to do/study, more sleep.

Another is Return Demonstration. Our first RetDem was medical handwashing. It was kind of nerve-wracking considering that it was the first. No matter how simple it was, I still felt very nervous and kept on splashing water on the table. Thank goodness my CI understood. Return Demo should be taken seriously because you could learn a lot from this especially if the CI is the type of teacher who explains things and have lots of patience.

CADAVER. Yes, cadaver. I’ve met these cadavers when I was in first year, 2nd sem for our Anatomy and Physiology. It was not a good meeting. They smelled so bad, but that may because they’re dead already. Before handling a cadaver, you should offer a prayer first. Handle them with respect because these are still humans.  After handling them, pray again for their souls. For the first timers, it’s actually kind of  scary working with cadavers. But as time goes by, it becomes kind of comfy. Also, we usually have classes with cadavers at the back of our classroom covered in blanket. If they smell so bad, we just cover our noses. No big deal.

Blood and lots of it. I’m already exposed to the delivery room and I’ve seen normal deliveries. I actually thought that I would vomit but luckily I did not. Just be strong and think that it’s not that bad. A lot of people say that inside the delivery room, it’s smells bad. My groupmates say that whenever they brush the kelly pad, it was smelly. But I brush it, without my mask, and I don’t even smell anything. If you’re afraid of blood, try to conquer it now. Being splashed with blood is inevitable but you can kind of avoid it if you want to.

Lots of memorization. If you’re not good at memorizing, better be ready. I’m not really good at memorizing but I really tried hard to do it. Some stuffs that you should memorize are the bones, muscles, medications, equations and whatever.

Talking with Strangers. Your clients are people whom you have never met but you should take care of. If you have trust issues or stranger issues, you’ll gonna have a hard time having rapport with your client. You need to be able to have even a bit of connection to the client for the client to be able to follow you.

PAPERWORKS and requirements. I call it paperworks. Before duty, we have a Daily Plan of Activities and General Objective-Specific Objectives sheet that we need to fill up. After days’s duty for the clinical area, we still need to do Nursing Care Plan, drug study, Learning Feedback Diary, (for the  duty week) a Journal, summary and your reaction. For the community, a family care plan, scoring and genogram. So yeah, those are just some of the paperworks.

THOSE EXPENSES. You entered Nursing where tuition is expensive, the other requirements are expensive also. We have a CHN bag which we should bring during duty. Aside from that, there are still lots of things that you should pay for like classes, projects and whatever you should need to pay.

So those are just some of the things that you should know… for now. Just remember, you don’t need to be a genius to be a nurse. All you need is a strong will and willingness to care and learn. Do well! Good luck if you want to be a nursing student :)

Those Ill-Mannered Registered Nurses

So I’m actually currently a Nursing student and have already started to be exposed in the clinical area. One thing that the higher levels have warned us about are those ‘maldita nurses’. I actually thought that this is some kind of exageration because my mom is a nurse and is not maldita (when she’s not pissed) and even her fellow nurses are not maldita. So I casually just shrugged it away.

When I was exposed to the DR, I immediately understood what those higher-levels meant. Our CI’s kept on telling us to greet nurses and wards men and guards and everyone we meet at the hospital. So naturally,we do that, because of respect to them professional. A simple nod or smile may have been okay but even those are not given by some nurses. When we greet, many smiles back but some just snob us as if no one talked. And they wonder why no one tries to greet them?

At the Ward, that is the place where I experienced that nurse that’s ill-mannered. Before a shift ends, the nurses who will go home will endorse a patient to the upcoming nurses. So of course, since we’re going on duty, we need to be there during the endorsement for us to be able to know what would be the special things to do to render care for our client. But seriously? I have already been to an endorsement only once and the nurse that handled it wasn’t even that nice. There were 2 nurses, a male and female who were having the endorsement and the female kept on endorsing to the guy while we’re trying to catch up. She completely ignored us and that what rages us most. When we go on duty, it can mean that we’re actually helping them and lessen their job like vital signs taking, terminating IV and things that SN’s can do.

I really hate ill-mannered nurses. They just bring bad name to the profession. In this way, nurses can be viewed as terrors in the hospital rather than angels in the sickroom.


So for tomorrow, we’re required to make an essay about “When man works, he changes the world, he changes himself”. This is for our Philo 15 and I’m currently at loss for words. I actually thought that it would be easy but as soon as I opened Microsoft Word, I actually didn’t know what to write anymore. I’m starting to get frustrated now.

Now I’m here, ranting and stuff. I’m trying to just write something thinking that the idea would just pop out of mu head. As what my teacher says, typing is easy but formulating the essay is not. I totally agree with him. Writing an essay is not easy especially when you’re under pressure. I joined an essay writing once and thank God I won. What did I do? I just stared at an empty space in front of me, stared at my paper, wrote possible topics and then went with the topic that is quite controversial. That made me win.

Work. What is work? For me it is where a person executes something because he has reasons that can benefit and/or because he loves to do the job and finds fulfillment with it. Work may be synonymous with job but I define job as something that a person does because he’s told to do it. Pretty much a robot-like worker. Now, what to add next? See. I’m stuck with this introduction. I don’t know how to add this. How could I fill 2 long bond papers with this? Philosophizing and all… my brain is overworking. I can almost hear it screaming “ABORT MISSION! NO TO BRAIN ABUSE”. Whatever. Finals is this week. We’ll get 2 weeks of relaxation brain, don’t worry.

Oh crooked floors and snapping wings, what should I do now? Reading Philosophy books is not helping. I don’t want to go into that head-churning essays that makes me think, “Does this author knows that he’s writing the same thing over and over again, just different order of words?” Seriously. That’s what I think.

Oh laughing monkeys, I’m gonna try to think of a good essay now so my teacher won’t try to find ways to fail my Essay. Boo-yah! Good luck to myself! :))