Spotlight: Bart and Geo Kwan (JKFilms)

Bart and Geo Kwan are one of the Youtube couples that are for me #couplegoals. They’ve been together for a few years and just had their first non-fur baby! I first knew of them from Just Kidding News and since then, I’ve been faithfully watching their vlogs.

Why do I watch their vlogs?

First of all, I love watching vlogs. It’s one way for me to experience life without going out. Watching Bart and Geo’s life through the screen makes me feel like I’m also there with them. I’ve watched them vlog in their old house which they shared with Nadeem. I’ve watched them look for condos in downtown LA and ‘helped’ them choose the perfect one (and by help I mean offering my opinion on my laptop screen). I also got quite teary-eyed when they finally bought their first home where they get to build their ever-growing family. I got worried when Brigee got lost and all of the JK squad were out there on the lookout for her (they found her!).

Their vlogs shows the perfect couple (Bart says they’re not because they don’t show their fights and stuff) that they are who stuck with each other through their ups and down. They have been together since the early days of JKFilms where Bart said that Geo had to mostly support them financially so Bart could focus on growing the company with Joe. I’m amazed how amazing Geo is to step up and support Bart’s dreams wholeheartedly even though being a full time Youtuber at that time is probably a very risky move. Years later, they own their company/gym, Barbell Brigade, have three fur babies, Brigee, Meatloaf and Fawn, and a newborn, Taika Octavius Kwan.


When Bart and Geo got married, I immediately thought of how them having babies. When they announced that they’re pregnant, I cried. I was so happy for them and I remember hugging the heck out of my teddy bear because… bear… Beaws. Anyway, I feel like that’s the closest thing that I can hug that can be related to both of them. I watched all their hospital visit vlogs, got heartbroken when Geo couldn’t go to Tiff’s wedding because it’s too close to the due date and the things Geo and Bart did to make sure her and the baby is healthy.

I watched some recent JKNews and I’m like, wait, where’s Bart and Geo? I started looking through their IG and other members’ IG if they posted photos about her giving birth. Then a few days ago, Geo finally give birth! I was so excited to see their baby. I’ve been there through the room decoration, gender reveal and babyfying their life. Now, I can’t wait to see their vlog prior to the birth and after. I can’t wait to see them being parents and the baby interacting with his fur siblings.

I could go on and on about this couple but no words can express how happy I am to be atleast part of their lives even if they don’t know me. I’ve seen them grow from boyfriend/girlfriend to parents of their babies. I’m looking forward for more vlogs!


Follow them at:

Youtube: Bart and Geo

Instagram: Bart && Geo



Why Kang Gary is DAEBAK~~

I’ve been watching random episodes of Running Man for a few weeks now. The first episode that I watched was the Episode 84 (Big Bang vs. Running Man) then Episode 85 (Big Bang vs. Running man 2). After these two episodes, I already lost count of how many episodes I’ve already watched. I watch it at home or at school. Whenever I watch it at school, I can’t help but laugh at all the antics that the members and guests are doing. My friend told me once that she likes looking at me while watching an episode because I look so happy.

Out of all the 7 members, it’s Kang Gary that I always look forward to watch. Everytime I look at the comments, there would always be comments about Kang Gary being awesome and badass. As I watch more and more episode, I realize that I want to meet someone like Kang Gary.


Dude’s got 8-degree belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido, graduated in bodyguard school and was an AMATEUR BOXER for 10 years! And I still kept on wondering why he doesn’t have a six-pack. Anyways, this guy can easily defeat the members in the nametag tearing (YES INCLUDING KIM JONG GOOK) if he’ll gonna use his skill. But since he’s not allowed to do use any violence, we’ll just let the other members win. Also, Gil (of Leessang) said that Gary has never been in a (probably street)) fight ever since he’s meet him. AND THAT PROBABLY WAS A LONG TIME AGO.

HE’S AN AWESOME RAPPER (and lyricist, musician)

Waaaay before he was known as the “Random Mr. Capable”, Gary is first known as a member of Leessang, a hiphop group. Before I watched Running Man, I already know who Gary was because he’s sometimes appears on Allkpop. However, I never read any of the news related to him because I didn’t listen to their songs. However, as in a lot of RM episodes, they would usually play some Leessang songs and the one that really made me search about their songs is “The Girl Who Can’t Break Up and the Boy Who Can’t Leave” (Leesang ft. Jung In). The first time I heard it, I fell inlove with the song as well as Gary’s rapping and Gil’s husky voice. Gary sounded like he was feeling the rap and was full of emotions. DAE~BAK~


Aside from being the “Random Mr. Capable”, Gary is also the other half of the Monday Couple (alongside Song Ji Hyo). I’m always amazed by how fast Gary can think of cheesy and sweet things to say to Ji Hyo. This leads to a point where people are often wondering on whether or not they were real. BUT JINJA! DATE ALREADY! Anyway, it’s his fast wit and perfect timing when it comes to flirting that made the Monday Couple possible in the first place.

Since Gary is also a lyricist, it’s already a given that he’s pretty damn fast in spurting out cheesy words. However, he’s not much of a talker whenever they’re all together standing and sometimes even overshadowed by Haha.


He won the first and second Best of the Best match on which he won a trip to Europe on his second win. Even though he’s considered as the “Random Mr. Capable”, he\s actually very capable of doing things especially by himself. He has a simple way of approaching things which in turn becomes advantageous to him. He thinks and decides fast, add to that his speed and strength, he is certainly worthy of his titles.



In Korea, Gary can be considered “ugly”. You’ll often hear it from the members themselves, from him and some other guests. The standard for handsomeness in Korea are the k-pop idols and “flower boy” actors as well as some actors such as Kim Won Bin. Gary has a “typical” South Korean male-face and that makes him a subject to teasing when it comes to physical appearance. However, GARY IS CHARMING. Yes, I’m saying this again, HE IS CHARMING. The way he raps, so awesome and the way he talks, so manly. Everytime he carries out a mission and starts to get serious, I can’t help but squeal so damn hard. He may not have the best face (nor the nicest body) but dude got the personality and the charm.

If by chance Kang Gary can read this, DO YOUR BEST IN ALL OF YOUR MISSIONS! and please tell Yoo Jae Suk hi ^_^

My Questions for the Running Man Cast and Crew

*questions are added everytime I’m curious about something*

  • How many glasses did Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin break?
  • What’s the total number of the caps/hat worn on the show?
  • What was the most serious injury did any of the members have? (aside from Kim Jong Kook’s existing back problems)
  • Can we have a taekwondo match between Kim Jong Kook and Kang Gary?
  • Did Kang Gary ever ask Song Ji Hyo out (off-cam) ? *this is sort of none of my business but I’m dying to knoooow*
  • Will we see Jae Suk’s wife, Suk Jin’s wife and Haha’s wife in any episode soon?
  • Will there be an episode where the mission is to not bully Lee Kwang Soo in any way?
  • How much gold does Ji Hyo currently have?
  • How did you cast Ji Hyo? *I love her (I always root for her)*
  • Will Song Jong Ki be coming back again?
  • Can you make Kim Jong Kook eat unhealthy foods for one day? *as his mission. pleasseee.*
  • Can you make a theme song for Running Man?
  • How much do you spend per episode? Considering that you guys film in big buildings and travel everywhere.
  • HOW ATHLETIC ARE THE CAMERA MEN? *they run along with a running man/woman while carrying a camera*
  • Can you make am episode where it’s the members vs staff? There was one with the writers but I want something where the staff are actively playing.
  • Do Ji Hyo and Gary flirt off-camera?
  • How many jackets were ever made for the show?
  • How many nametags were made for the show?
  • What do you do with all the mud after the games?

[Series Glance] Legendary Witches

Legendary Witches is an ongoing drama in MBS. SPOILERS AHEAD up until Episode 19. 

I was just looking for good series to watch in Viki when I came upon this series. I was looking for a medical or period drama and this wasn’t what I expected to get hooked up on. I never saw the trailer nor heard this title. This could be one of those unpopular Korean dramas locally but is gaining attention internationally. Currently, there are 20 episodes in Viki.

The story starts off with Moon Soo-In (Han Ji-Hye) losing her husband, a son of a chaebol. Their marriage was never approved by the father because she’s an orphan and poor whereas her mother-in-law (who has alzheimers) loves her dearly. She was planning to leave the house but then the father decided to hand over the company to her. However, it was a plan all along of the father-in-law to destroy her and frame her for some crimes about the company which led her being thrown to jail. She’s also about to have a second chance in love with (if she accepts him) Nam Woo Seok (Ha Seok Jin).

Shim Bok Nyeo (Go Doo-Shim) is the mother figure of the four. She was falsely accused of killing her husband and son (Jin Woo). It is known that her husband and Ma Tae San (father-in-law) were once business partners in bakery. She’s about to have a second chance in love with her friend Park Yi Moon (yes, I ship them so much).

Son Poong Geum (Oh Hyun Kyung), a con artist, is the prettiest of the four (she implied this ^_^). She has conned Bok Nyeo once which led to Bok Nyeo being sent to the hospital. She has a love/hate relationship with Tak Wol Han (Lee Jong Won), the driver for the Ma family.

The youngest is Seo Mi Oh (Ha Yeon-Soo) a.k.a. Gwang Taeng omma, a former model and ex-girlfriend of Ma Do Jin. She got pregnant with Do Jin’s son and had plans to abort him. However, on the day that she was supposed to get rid of the baby, she experienced morning sickness and backed out. She was sent to the jail for threatening the life of Ma Do Jin. Do Jin’s mom made her sign a paper that said that she went abroad and aborted the child and made Do Jin believe this.

The story is very interesting considering that their stories are very connected with each other. They all met in the prison and learned how to bake their (except for Mi Oh). They then lived together in one house (except for Poong Geum who lives in a study house) and lived like a family. Joined a baking competition, won, bought a truck and started a bakery truck business. However, the first-born Ma, Ma Joo Ran, who hates Soo In decided to sabotage everything and hired men to take the truck away. In debt, Soo In and the family goes to the grandma they met in prison and won lotto for help. She said that she’ll just say yes and help them if Bok Nyeo apologizes to her. (Bad summary, I know).

Over-all, the story is going pretty good. Though it’s going pretty slow right now, I suppose we’ll have much more actions in upcoming episodes considering that everyone’s hating on someone right now. I also have theories like Woo Seok is Bok Nyeo’s missing son, Jin Woo. It’s  kinda obvious in a way but hey, there could be a plot twist.

Do Jin is is revealed to be not the Ma’s patriarch’s son. He is also very much in love and Mi Oh but is engaged (unwillingly) to someone else. He also finally met his son and his son apparently liked him already! (I ship Mi Oh and Do Jin more than Soo In and Woo Seok).

I want to write more stuff her but the series is far from done and I don’t wanna ruin the fun just yet. If you haven’t watched the series yet, go ahead. Reading this didn’t exactly ruin it for you because the in-between details and drama is fun to watch.

On Devina Dediva and Megan Young

We all know that Megan Young is the new Miss World. This is the first time that the Philippines had a Miss World winner so it’s a big deal for us. The social media was filled with posts of congratulations and happiness to Megan Young. However, a person can never please everyone. There are always some people who would find something bad from it.

Devina Dediva is a normal person who is also part of the social media. One thing about the social media is that it can easily spread anything you post on it. On Devina’s case, what she posted insulted thousands of Filipinos everywhere.

The photo above shows like the summary of the ‘racist’ comments that Devina has posted on her Facebook. It was quite defaming actually. When I read that, I was quite insulted because of how she put the Filipinos done.

Knowing the Filipinos, they will never let anyone put them down. So here comes the Filipino Netizen soldiers that started bashing Devina. Even if I didn’t see any hate messages that was sent to her, I’m pretty sure they are really hurtful and over the line. Some Filipinos are false patriot that they become hypocrite. They would send hate messages such as, “Your race is way lower than ours so you better not say that” or “You’re as smelly as a pig”. I think Devina Dediva is Indian so this kind of just justified the sample hate messages.

Well first of all, I’m not putting down the Indians okay? I’m just saying that a lot of Filipinos might be thinking of sending these kind of messages to her. Let’s not do this. Devina Dediva just posted whatever is on her mind. Is that wrong? NO. But what she posted is wrong and insulting. But is that enough to send her stupid hate messages? Freaking no..

Grow up people. Sending her any hate messages or threatening her won’t do anyone good. Does Megan Young shows in public that she gives a damn? No. People are sending her hate messages because their ego and their pride was put down. Think like a mature person would. She apologized, let’s accept it. It’s not like she killed a person or something. Go hate on those freaking thieves (CORRUPT POLITICIANS) and bash them to no end. Or is it because these freaking thieves can do anything to you and Devina can’t?

Move on.

Things I’ve Learned From Watching Property Brothers

(l-r) Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott

So I just got the hang of watching the Property Brothers. It is a show which features TWINS Drew and Jonathan Scott, Drew being the Real Estate Expert and Jonathan being the Contractor. Aside from those amazing renovations that they do, another reason why I watch this show is because they just look so good. ^_^
I’ve been watching reno and design shows even back home but this is my first time watching this show here. I’m also amazed about the things that I’ve learned.

  • When buying a house, having it checked by the inspector is recommended. That’s because they usually meet a big problem everytime a client does not choose this option. This is also good because the house hunters gets to be informed of the possible structural problems and other problems.
  • The older the house, the more chances in finding asbestos. Like there are times when they have to like pause for sometime because the asbestos should not be disturbed.
  • Open concept is an awesome concept. I have always wanted a house where there are lots of natural light and this is the answer! Open concept is basically a no-wall barrier between the kitchen and dining room and maybe a small railing or no wall at all up to the living room.
  • Expect the walls (that you want to take down for an open concept) are structural and if there’s a second floor, expect to add a beam. Structural means that it actually supports the structure of the house so bringing it down can affect the house. A beam kind of supports the roof of the house.
  • Find a good fixer upper. They can either make your home your dream home or the horror house.
  • No matter how much work he does, Jonathan’s hair never experiences a bad hair day. Like how does he do that? Hair stylist in between takes?
  • Jonathan always wear plaid and Drew is always on formal clothes.

I just love watching Property Brothers. Just try closing your eyes and listen to the twins’ voice, you’ll have a long time to figure out who’s speaking. You can identify them but maybe if you *really* know the difference in their voice.

I can’t wait for the new episodes of the Property Brothers.

The 3rd Hospital: My First Medical Drama

I actually just started watching this yesterday morning and I have just finished watching it this afternoon. There were a total of 20 episodes with an average of 45 minutes per episode :)

This series was released last year but I didn’t really mind it. For me, it was just another series where a lot of people watched just because a popular girl group member (SNSD’s Sooyoung) is here. I thought it was kind of annoying how people praise Sooyoung for her acting and how awesome this series is. And that’s the reason why I have just watched this series.

The story is about a hospital that was built for the Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine to collaborate. They envision that the future of medicine lies on the collaboration of these two. Eastern Medicine is more on the traditional medicine while Western Medicine is more on the modern science.  However, there is a huge gap between these two Medicines and even doctors doesn’t go along well with each other. But because of some ruckus that happened, they were given 6 months to show the effect of the collaboration or else the sign of the hospital would be taken down.

The reason why they were given 6 months to show the result of their collaboration.

Even from the first part, I’m impressed on how these actors act as if they really do belong in the medical field. I really look forward when there are procedures that happens like the acupuncture and the brain surgeries. It made me see a glimpse of the actual happenings inside the hospital and made me look forward for major and minor operations. The definitions that they flash whenever someone speaks in medical terminologies also helped me understand more about what they’re talking about. I was also pretty amazed on their hospital. It was really pretty and very high-tech. On top of that, it was government owned and made me compare their hospital with our own government owned hospital.

The actors are actually good in acting. Kim Seung Woo , who played Dr. Kim Doohyun (Western Medicine Doctor), the genius Neurosurgeon, is actually fit for his role. He plays the dictator doctor pretty well. However, there are times when keeps his tone too monotonous that made his acting pretty boring and flat. But I like him when he actually shows affection to Dr. Jin (Kim Min Jung). He makes me feel kilig whenever he shows some clues on his true feelings for Dr. Jin.

My wish is that, whenever your cerebrum perceives me, try to secrete as much dopamine from your frontal lobe and serotonin from your brain stem. – Dr. Doohyun to Dr. Jin Hyein.

Oh Ji Ho‘s role is the Eastern Medicine Doctor, Dr. Kim Seunghyun (Eastern Medicine Doctor),  who tries to save Lee Euinji, daughter of his mentor,  from brain tumor by developing a medication that can cure cancer. His mother and girlfriend both died of brain tumor which drove his passion to find develop the medicine for cancer. I actually hoped during the first episodes that him and Dr. Jin would have the happy ending. They look good together and they’re like the perfect couple <3 But he still loves his girlfriend, Choi Euijin, and thinks that it’s his lifelong punishment not to love again because he wasn’t able to save his girlfriend.

Kim Min Jung plays the role of Dr. Jin Hyein (Western Medicine Doctor), a third year specializing Neurosurgeon. She’s under the mentorship of Dr. Doohyun and is the object of Dr. Doohyun’s affection. She’s also called ‘Doohyun’s wife’ because he has been under Dr. Doohyun for 5 years. I like Dr. Jin’s character because she believes in what she thinks is right to the extent that she let Lee Euinji undergo the treatment without even thinking that her doctor’s coat would be removed from her. She’s the kind of doctor that I would love to have :) She’s kind of dense though and it was Dr. Seunghyun who shed light to her true feeling for Dr. Doohyun.

This is Sooyoung‘s first drama and I think it’s quite understandable that her acting is not that great. She played Lee Euinji wh’s diagnosed with brain tumor. She actually annoyed me during her first appearances because she kept on talking on that cutesy voice and too much aegyo for her. But during the later scenes, where she started to experience the symptoms and later on knew about her illness, I started liking her. The downside for her is that there are scenes when she cries, I can’t see tears! But all in all, she did a good job, not great because I’m kind of disappointed with her acting. Her sister, Soojin, played the role of Choi Euinji, the girlfriend of Dr. Seunghyun who died from Brain tumor.

Choi Yoon So is a good actress because she made me hate her. She plays Dr. Jung Seung Hee  (Western Medicine Doctor), a specializing Neurosurgeon, who tries her best to seduce Dr. Doohyun but failed. She’s like frenemies with Dr. Jin ^_^ Im Hyung Joon, who plays Dr. Min Joo Ahn (Eastern Medicine Doctor), is the best friend of of Dr. Seunghyun and likes Dr. Jung. I like seeing these two bicker. In the end, these two became a couple.

This is the psychiatric patient I’m talking about.

The series is really nice and I would recommend it. But it actually has left lots of details. Like the psychiatric patient who told Dr. Doohyun about his brother, I wanna know what happened to her. And that 1st year resident doctor who misplaced the catheter on the doctor’s son, what happened to him? Was he punished? Was his twin also punished? Why was he the one who continued being the doctor? Because a lot of details was left out, some parts of the story became vague. I wish that they actually showed like five cases completely from the start of care until the end.

I actually thought that the case that they would use to show their collaboration was Euinji’s case. She was treated using the equipments of Western Medicine but with the medicine developed by the Eastern Medicine Doctors. It was actually pretty good but still there was the problem that the medicine wasn’t really approve and can cause more problems :( Instead, they used Dr. Hayoon’s case by which he had an emergency brain surgery inside a room with no special equipments. He was operated by Dr. Doohyun and was under Dr. Seunghyun’s acupuncture anesthesia. So I guess that worked out too.

I really hope that they’ll make a second season of this series. Maybe new doctors and new cases. :)

(photos not mine)

Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Movie Review)


This afternoon, I went at Centrio Ayala to watch Breaking Dawn with my friend. When we arrived there, the tickets for 1:10 pm showing is already sold out! Imagine our horror! There were actually three cinemas for Breaking Dawn and the next earliest showing would be at 2:30 pm. My friend and I just decided to just roam around the mall and forget about watching the movie today. THEN, we called another friend where they are and they said that they’re watching Breaking Dawn! And there’s not lots of people! And the mall is literally just across the mall we’re currently at! Awesome!

When the movie started, I started to review the book in my head. On what happened, the names (those vampires!), the situations and what stuffs. I incorporated what I saw on the movie to the book. Well, let’s just say I kept on saying “That’s not in the book!”. Seriously, they added and deleted some stuffs from the book, what could you have expected?

The story went on and I can say that I’m quite disappointed from the beginning till the middle. It wasn’t much of fun for me because I have already read the book and knew what would happen (duh, no one died). I explained some stuffs to my friends (there were four of us) about some details that they do not understand and know… I felt so cool.

On one side, it was actually fun to watch. With  Bella trying to be human then Edward becoming the inspiration for Bella to expand her shield and other stuffs, it was actually funny. One of my favorite scene was when Bella was trying to expand her shield then did it successfully, the part where Edward told Emmett to be the next ‘inspiration’ cracked all of us up. :)


The best part for me started during the ‘war’. When the Volturi came, they looked so many. Like they formed a line and had this illusion. As well as the the Cullens and their allies, they seemed too many alongside with those werewolves/shapeshifters. However, when the camera was zoomed out, all of us (everyone inside the cinema house!) actually laughed at how few they were. It felt like we were mocking them…we kind of were.

Then Edward went forward, then Bella with Renesmee and Jacob and Emmet to have Aro read Edward and Renesmee’s mind. Then came Jasper and Alice. My favorite part. When Alice gave her hand to Aro, the ‘war’ began. I was actually kind of angry during that part because in the book, there was never a war! They just talked with Bella shielding all of them. But in the movie, Carlisle, Jasper, Leah and Seth died. You can never imaging how outraged I was (and some people at our backs). But then, when the scene came back to the part where Aro was holding Alice’s hand, I kind of like, “oh. it was just Alice’s vision”. Clever people.

So it’s okay. The movie is okay. Kind of exceeded my expectation by 1 inch. So to rate, I would give it 7/10 (1 point for the cleverness).

Amalayer: The Rude Girl at LRT Santolan

So basically she gained fame through a bad way, being rude to a lady guard. This is one of the worst thing that could happen to you while shouting at a public place: having a video taken and shared for the people to see.

Amalayer or I’m a liar.. Really dear? You kept on repeating those words. “Ate, may pinag-aralan akong tao” (Ate, I’m an educated person). Really? Based on your actions, you’re a liar! An educated person does not shout at public and humiliate a person in front of all to see. An educated person should have handled this situation with finesse and poise, not like a rowdy street person.

It’s so sad to see that people like these exists. As what she said, she’s educated. I don’t think she is. I feel ashamed for the school her uniform represents. I feel like they now feel that they’ve been missing something regarding teaching their students about Good Manners and Right Conduct (that has been taught since elementary!). Where the heck is the respect for the elders? Shouldn’t we raise our voice? We have been taught that we should not raise our voices to get our opinions across. It’s kind of taboo here to actually raise your voice to someone who is much older than you are.

To the lady guard, I think she have handled it well but could have done better. They’re both women, what do you expect? A catfight is actually brewing if not for the person who came and said, “Miss, shut up”. However, she was able to control her feelings and just tried to talk to this girl as softly and as controlled voice as possible.

I hope this won’t happen again. This is not something that we want for people to know. Educated Filipino teenager shouting at a lady guard? So not cool.

Hyuna’s Ice Cream (Music Video Review)

For the record, I am not a Hyuna fan nor a hater. I happened to get curious about this when I saw the trailer. I mean, really? My first thought was, “So Korea actually allowed that?” Given that there are already many music videos/choreography/songs that were actually banned because of explicit themes, they allowed this? [check this site for 10 banned songs:]

When Psy entered, I was like, “Oh yeah, Gangnam style. She was there”. Then he started eating the chocolate with that disturbing slurping sound. Then Hyuna came and started scolding him. However, Psy just kept on licking that ice cream while staring at Hyuna and more of that disturbing slurping sound. Can’t it be more awkward especially given that I don’t have an innocent mind? Don’t forget the clown. The clown that Hyuna hit. And she just ‘appeared’ guilty then waved bye. What?

The only part that I saw some ‘swag’ is from 0:45-:47. Like Hyuna is more her, more street, more edgy. Other than that, Hyuna for me is someone who’s trying to be sexy and seductive while remaining to be cute. She succeeds on the cute side, I don’t know with the other side. It’s too trying hard for me, like she’s being pushed to sell her body for bidding through this music video. Sorry Hyuna.

And please, the lyrics. Really? ‘Chocolate ice cream like my dark skin’ You’re not even brown! You’re not dark-skinned! Who the heck composed this song and who does he think is he giving this song to? Can’t they just even make it like ‘Vanilla ice cream like my white skin’. 

Overall, the beat is catchy, yeah. After watching the music video, I’ve got a bit of LSS here. I’m kind of glad I don’t understand Korean because the English translation of the song is horrible. Horrible lyrics+slutty(sorry)-wannabe music video+catcy beat+cute-but-trying-to-be-sexy-Hyuna= Ice Cream.

‘Nuff said.