I’m a Strong, Independent Human Being

It has been over a year now since I’ve moved out of my mom’s house and live on my own. For the first year, I moved into the school dorm which is not bad. It’s actually a great way to ease myself into being independent. I had a bachelor room which gave me sense of how it is to actually live alone. I cooked my own meals and paid my own bills. I had to do grocery shopping for myself or else I would have nothing to eat. I learned how to handle money and control my spending habits.

Halfway through the year, I felt like I had definitely become accustomed into living alone. For the longest time, I’ve already known that I would want to live by myself rather than have a roommate. I see myself as an outgoing introvert, if that makes any sense. I like keeping to myself most of the time but I also enjoy mingling and socializing with people. When at work, I’m happy and bouncy. However, the moment I get home, I just want a peace of mind and I get to do anything that I want. In the perfect world, I can afford all the luxuries in life. But it’s not and I don’t have a whole lot of money which means that having a roommate is an option that I cannot let go. I have friend for years now who also moved into the city the same time as I did and we talked and talked and eventually decided to rent an apartment together. The apartment we found was perfect in size and location. However, a few days into us moving into the apartment, they found cockroaches which means that instead of August, they told us we could only move in around October. Sucks for me, I had to leave the dorms by 3rd of August.

For two weeks, I was stressed out about the apartment. We decided to not go through with the roommate plan and I started to look for apartments. It was tiring. I was on Kijiji days and nights. I was on FB Market looking for rooms, basements and apartments. I went and visited a whole lot of places to no luck. Some were dingy, one was nice but waaay to far and the other one was just too expensive for what I get. I looked and looked until I found this apartment that was marketed cheaper than many of its counterparts and close to the school that I wanted to go. So I messaged the owner that night, got a reply from him in the morning asking me to call him and a minute later after that, I managed to book a viewing.

The place was perfect for me. Or maybe it was just what the tired me thought. Either way, I still got the apartment. On the day that I did my viewing, I signed papers and the next day, I gave my damage deposit. I couldn’t contain my happiness and called my mom about it. I finally got my own apartment! It’s a one bedroom apartment with all utilities included and the only extra is internet. Plus there’s laundry in the building so it’s not a hassle to wash my clothes at a laundromat.

I’ve been living in this apartment for about two weeks now and I’m just starting to settle. Overall, I feel like I need a badge that says “level two adulting” because I finally got myself my own apartment!!


On Moving Out and Living Alone

Finally! The day that I have been waiting for has finally arrived. I’ve always thought about this for years, even when I was still back in the Philippines. I’ve always wanted to be an independent lady who can live and survive alone in the big city. This is it, a step closer to my dream.

I have been living in a small city for four years. That city didn’t even have an escalator! Since I came from a big city, moving to a smaller one here in Canada was definitely a big thing for me. I was used to big malls, traffic and noise. In GP, it was definitely less noisy and less traffic. Also, there was only one mall that’s one level and closes at 6pm. Although I was happy living with my mom, I wasn’t contented in living in such a small place. I was born for the city. I’m a city girl after all. My mom, if she has the absolute say, would prefer for me to stay in GP. But me, with my adventurous and curious heart, don’t want to stay. I want to be in a big city.

I’m currently in Edmonton, about 4 hours from GP. It’s a fairly big city and houses the biggest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall. It also has a few more malls and little strip malls on the side. I’ve only been here for a week so I have a lot of exploring to do. I have to do it before winter though or else I wouldn’t enjoy the walks and driving so much.

I moved out of my mom’s house with barely any money in my pocket and a shit-ton of student loan on my back. She helped me buy my necessities and my dad supplies me monthly money (yaaaas!). But since I’m a strong, independent woman, I’m also on the hunt for a job. I’ve been working for over four years now and I’m used to it already. Not working makes me feel unenergetic and super lazy.

The thing about living alone in the big city is that it’s just me. I don’t have friends here… yet. I’m hoping to meet more people in the next few days so I wouldn’t feel alone. I’m an introvert but I’m also someone who likes some good conversations. I talk a lot and being cooped up in my room with my phone in front of me most of the time is not exactly healthy. I really need to get out more (or maybe open my bedroom door?).

It’s only been a week since I have moved out. Things will happen and I’ll probably meet a lot of new people. It’s not bad, it’s also not as exciting just yet.


I got my first pay check today! And it was awesome! I never though that this day would come reaaaaal early for me.

As I grew up in the Philippines, I was exposed to the part where students just study and don’t work. Students are usually not considered for jobs except if it’s just petty works. And oh, the pay is not even good so I never really tried to apply. But here in Canada, working is normal even for students. That’s the reason why I’ve decided to find some jobs that I would actually like.

Thank goodness I was hired at the museum and would work there for the whole summer. AND TODAY I GOT MY FIRST PAY CHECK! You don’t have any idea on how excited I am about this :) yahoo!!!! I’ll be saving it for now cause you know, college is pretty pricey.