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Psy’s Gentleman (Music Video Review)

After his worldwide hit Gangnam Style, Psy has followed it up with this new song Gentleman. It is more of an electronic pop song compared to Gangnam. Will this song reach the same popularity as Gangnam? From the start of the song, it’s like a party tune because it’s kind of electric (dubstep?) and some

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Hyuna’s Ice Cream (Music Video Review)

For the record, I am not a Hyuna fan nor a hater. I happened to get curious about this when I saw the trailer. I mean, really? My first thought was, “So Korea actually allowed that?” Given that there are already many music videos/choreography/songs that were actually banned because of explicit themes, they allowed this?

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Oppa Ddaknae Style (Oppa Gangnam Style ver 2) Song Review

I first learned about Oppa Is Just My Style when I was reading some secrets at K-Pop Secrets. I thought that it was just another MV version. Just like a Dance version of Gangnam Style. So I searched the song in Youtube. The first one that I clicked was just an audio of the song.

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Gangnam Style


This is not an ordinary K-Pop song. This is something that actually went big worlwide! akalain mo nga naman :)
So at first, I thought that this would be something that would hit big in Korea but outside of it. Maybe just Asia. I saw this just weeks after I saw YG Family special at Strong Heart so I already knew who Psy was but actually never heard of his music.
Now that Gangnam style is big, I’m afraid that people will just see Psy as the big Korean guy and not Psy as a musician.