F*** You Folliculitis

A week ago, I suffered unbearable itchiness on my face. Also, tiny lumps that feels disgusting under my palms. On the first day that I realized that I have these tiny lumps on my forehead, I immediately called 811 to ask some initial suggestions on what I have. The lady asked me different questions which all narrow down to questions about measles. I was vaccinated but it still didn’t stop me from thinking that maybe I was one of the very few people where the vaccine just didn’t work.

The next day, I prepared myself to go to the hospital. I didn’t want to go to a clinic because what if it’s something that’s easy communicable? I may need to be isolated for a week from the general public. I drove to the ER because I didn’t want to potentially infect anyone else. I entered ER and the triage nurse asked me what I was in for. I pointed at my face which is now full of red dots and he said, “Acne?” And I was almost like, “Yes, I went to ER for acne”. But no, I was feeling itchy and feverish so I told him, “I think it’s an allergic reaction because I have it on my arm too”. He asked me to sit down for a while and I waited for my name to be called. About 10 minutes later, another triage nurse called me in for my vitals to be taken and she immediately though I had chicken pox. I am 80% sure I haven’t had chicken pox yet because my mom said I didn’t have it as a kid but my grandma said I did. So I was isolated in to a room and I was texting and updating my dad about what is happening.

The doctors came in the room and looked at my dots on my face, arms, chest and back. He asked, “Did you tell them you have chicken pox?” and I was like, “No, the lady (nurse) did”. Ultimately, it wasn’t chicken pox and measles. He said the dots looks very different from chicken pox and he said I may have folliculitis, inflammation of the follicles. It just so happened that they decided to inflame on my face. Anyways, he prescribed me a topical and oral antibiotic.

The next few days felt like years to me. I refused to go out of my dorm room because I was so ashamed of my own face. There were tiny red dots and many white bumps. I’m one of those people who feel disgusted when seeing tiny circles in such close proximity from each other. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to my face. I would wake up in the morning and I can’t even directly touch my own face because the tiny dots felt so disgusting under my palms. I had to use a wash cloth and gently press it on my face. I would apply the topical medicine thrice a day on my face and body. For four days, this was what I did. By the fifth day, the bumps started to dry out and one by one, they started to fall off. I have this tendency to pick on my face but this time, I tried my hardest not to or else it’s gonna create some holes on my face. I’m vain like that.

By the end of 7 days (the duration of my antibiotic treatment), my face felt smoother and the last of the bumps had dried out already. It’s flat now and not like some mountainous terrain. I feel my confidence coming back and I know that I can finally get out of my room and get my parcel from the lobby. It’s been there for four days and I refused to go down and show my face to anyone.

For those seven days, I finally understand how some people with severe acne gets some low confidence. For those few days, I would look at my face and pity myself. I was just about ready to quit my job and go home if it didn’t clear up by the end of 7 days. Thankfully it did and I was able to return to my job two days after I finished my medication.

Growing up, I’ve always had bad acne especially on my forehead and chin area. I learned to just love myself and not care about the pimples that just show up on the middle of my face. But for the past few years, I’ve had less acne and the scars were already starting to heal and I was finally feeling a tad bit pretty. When this happened, I thought it was gonna be the end of my world. But then I hyped myself up and just reminded myself of my dreams. All of those can’t be achieved if I just decided to hole myself inside my dorm room.

Anyways, I have dark spots on my forehead and pretty much my whole chin. Some people suggested I wear foundation but I don’t want to. I don’t like wearing make-up because I sweat easy and you’ll just see water streaks. Also, my face is still healing and I don’t want to irritate it and get more redness. For now, I’m just using some gentle cleanser and tone correcting moisturizer. This whole ordeal made me realize that I really am vain.



I got my first pay check today! And it was awesome! I never though that this day would come reaaaaal early for me.

As I grew up in the Philippines, I was exposed to the part where students just study and don’t work. Students are usually not considered for jobs except if it’s just petty works. And oh, the pay is not even good so I never really tried to apply. But here in Canada, working is normal even for students. That’s the reason why I’ve decided to find some jobs that I would actually like.

Thank goodness I was hired at the museum and would work there for the whole summer. AND TODAY I GOT MY FIRST PAY CHECK! You don’t have any idea on how excited I am about this :) yahoo!!!! I’ll be saving it for now cause you know, college is pretty pricey.


So for tomorrow, we’re required to make an essay about “When man works, he changes the world, he changes himself”. This is for our Philo 15 and I’m currently at loss for words. I actually thought that it would be easy but as soon as I opened Microsoft Word, I actually didn’t know what to write anymore. I’m starting to get frustrated now.

Now I’m here, ranting and stuff. I’m trying to just write something thinking that the idea would just pop out of mu head. As what my teacher says, typing is easy but formulating the essay is not. I totally agree with him. Writing an essay is not easy especially when you’re under pressure. I joined an essay writing once and thank God I won. What did I do? I just stared at an empty space in front of me, stared at my paper, wrote possible topics and then went with the topic that is quite controversial. That made me win.

Work. What is work? For me it is where a person executes something because he has reasons that can benefit and/or because he loves to do the job and finds fulfillment with it. Work may be synonymous with job but I define job as something that a person does because he’s told to do it. Pretty much a robot-like worker. Now, what to add next? See. I’m stuck with this introduction. I don’t know how to add this. How could I fill 2 long bond papers with this? Philosophizing and all… my brain is overworking. I can almost hear it screaming “ABORT MISSION! NO TO BRAIN ABUSE”. Whatever. Finals is this week. We’ll get 2 weeks of relaxation brain, don’t worry.

Oh crooked floors and snapping wings, what should I do now? Reading Philosophy books is not helping. I don’t want to go into that head-churning essays that makes me think, “Does this author knows that he’s writing the same thing over and over again, just different order of words?” Seriously. That’s what I think.

Oh laughing monkeys, I’m gonna try to think of a good essay now so my teacher won’t try to find ways to fail my Essay. Boo-yah! Good luck to myself! :))