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Spotlight: Bart and Geo Kwan (JKFilms)

Bart and Geo Kwan are one of the Youtube couples that are for me #couplegoals. They’ve been together for a few years and just had their first non-fur baby! I first knew of them from Just Kidding News and since then, I’ve been faithfully watching their vlogs. Why do I watch their vlogs? First of…


Coleen Perlas: Yet Another Hate Ranter

I was reading some tweets when I came across the names Coleen and Maxene and how we should stop caring about them. I didn’t have any net connection for three days so I wasn’t that updated with what’s happening in the social media. I was curious because I thought it was about Coleen Garcia and…


Amalayer: The Rude Girl at LRT Santolan

So basically she gained fame through a bad way, being rude to a lady guard. This is one of the worst thing that could happen to you while shouting at a public place: having a video taken and shared for the people to see. Amalayer or I’m a liar.. Really dear? You kept on repeating…