Spotlight: Bart and Geo Kwan (JKFilms)

Bart and Geo Kwan are one of the Youtube couples that are for me #couplegoals. They’ve been together for a few years and just had their first non-fur baby! I first knew of them from Just Kidding News and since then, I’ve been faithfully watching their vlogs.

Why do I watch their vlogs?

First of all, I love watching vlogs. It’s one way for me to experience life without going out. Watching Bart and Geo’s life through the screen makes me feel like I’m also there with them. I’ve watched them vlog in their old house which they shared with Nadeem. I’ve watched them look for condos in downtown LA and ‘helped’ them choose the perfect one (and by help I mean offering my opinion on my laptop screen). I also got quite teary-eyed when they finally bought their first home where they get to build their ever-growing family. I got worried when Brigee got lost and all of the JK squad were out there on the lookout for her (they found her!).

Their vlogs shows the perfect couple (Bart says they’re not because they don’t show their fights and stuff) that they are who stuck with each other through their ups and down. They have been together since the early days of JKFilms where Bart said that Geo had to mostly support them financially so Bart could focus on growing the company with Joe. I’m amazed how amazing Geo is to step up and support Bart’s dreams wholeheartedly even though being a full time Youtuber at that time is probably a very risky move. Years later, they own their company/gym, Barbell Brigade, have three fur babies, Brigee, Meatloaf and Fawn, and a newborn, Taika Octavius Kwan.


When Bart and Geo got married, I immediately thought of how them having babies. When they announced that they’re pregnant, I cried. I was so happy for them and I remember hugging the heck out of my teddy bear because… bear… Beaws. Anyway, I feel like that’s the closest thing that I can hug that can be related to both of them. I watched all their hospital visit vlogs, got heartbroken when Geo couldn’t go to Tiff’s wedding because it’s too close to the due date and the things Geo and Bart did to make sure her and the baby is healthy.

I watched some recent JKNews and I’m like, wait, where’s Bart and Geo? I started looking through their IG and other members’ IG if they posted photos about her giving birth. Then a few days ago, Geo finally give birth! I was so excited to see their baby. I’ve been there through the room decoration, gender reveal and babyfying their life. Now, I can’t wait to see their vlog prior to the birth and after. I can’t wait to see them being parents and the baby interacting with his fur siblings.

I could go on and on about this couple but no words can express how happy I am to be atleast part of their lives even if they don’t know me. I’ve seen them grow from boyfriend/girlfriend to parents of their babies. I’m looking forward for more vlogs!


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Youtube: Bart and Geo

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Coleen Perlas: Yet Another Hate Ranter

I was reading some tweets when I came across the names Coleen and Maxene and how we should stop caring about them. I didn’t have any net connection for three days so I wasn’t that updated with what’s happening in the social media. I was curious because I thought it was about Coleen Garcia and Maxene Magalona, both Filipino celebrities. It turns out that it’s actually about Coleen Perlas and Maxine Gozon, people I didn’t know about until I watched a video more than 5 minutes long.

So she’s ranting about this malandi girl named Maxine Gozon and stuff and how high this Maxine girl thinks she is and how she will fall into a tae (shit, feces, whatever you call it). She’s talking how about how she can’t say everything she said on this video because they’re not at the same place.

This Coleen girl is being childish with this stuff. First she rant for the world to know how she hates this girl. Then she speaks in English (for some parts) and she should have prepared a script with the grammar checked to avoid being bashed about her freaking grammar. She currently lives abroad.

I have been reading tweets about her and the hate tweets are definitely on the rise. Tweets about her grammar and about how she shows her hatred to the other person. I have also read her personal tweets on her second Twitter account and found out that she’s actually tweeting back to her haters which is not a good thing to do. First, she releases a hate video then fights with people over Twitter? Not a smart move.

She should release her ‘official statement’. Maybe as official as she can as long as she explains why she did it and let this die down. Amalayer has died down after only a few weeks of high-time after people just forgot about it and move on. This high on this video will just last for a few weeks or days and die a natural death because people will eventually get tired of watching a tween girl ranting on a video.

I really don’t understand why people would release such things then get angry if they get hate comments about it. DUH?! And I don’t get it why these kinds of videos should be released/published/uploaded. I mean, it’s your personal life, do you want to humiliate the person or yourself? Because the one who’s getting the worse end is the one making the video while the other one,well, she’ll also get a bad end but the spotlight won’t be on her.

Great job Coleen for having your instant fame. And oh, ever heard of medications for colds?

Amalayer: The Rude Girl at LRT Santolan

So basically she gained fame through a bad way, being rude to a lady guard. This is one of the worst thing that could happen to you while shouting at a public place: having a video taken and shared for the people to see.

Amalayer or I’m a liar.. Really dear? You kept on repeating those words. “Ate, may pinag-aralan akong tao” (Ate, I’m an educated person). Really? Based on your actions, you’re a liar! An educated person does not shout at public and humiliate a person in front of all to see. An educated person should have handled this situation with finesse and poise, not like a rowdy street person.

It’s so sad to see that people like these exists. As what she said, she’s educated. I don’t think she is. I feel ashamed for the school her uniform represents. I feel like they now feel that they’ve been missing something regarding teaching their students about Good Manners and Right Conduct (that has been taught since elementary!). Where the heck is the respect for the elders? Shouldn’t we raise our voice? We have been taught that we should not raise our voices to get our opinions across. It’s kind of taboo here to actually raise your voice to someone who is much older than you are.

To the lady guard, I think she have handled it well but could have done better. They’re both women, what do you expect? A catfight is actually brewing if not for the person who came and said, “Miss, shut up”. However, she was able to control her feelings and just tried to talk to this girl as softly and as controlled voice as possible.

I hope this won’t happen again. This is not something that we want for people to know. Educated Filipino teenager shouting at a lady guard? So not cool.